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We still have to address the issue of nulls blocking the anti-join (and associated) transformations. There are two ways of understanding the issue. The first is the informal observation that the anti-join is approximately equivalent to the outer join show in the previous section but the outer join does an equality comparison between the dept_no columns of the emp and dept tables, and nulls always produce problems when you start comparing them in any way other than is null or is not null. The second, slightly more formal, approach is to note the comment in the SQL Reference manual that colX not in ('A', 'B', 'C') is equivalent to colX != 'A' and colX != 'B' and colX != 'C' The string of ANDs means that every one of the individual conditions in the list must be checked and must evaluate to true for the entire expression to evaluate to true. If a single condition evaluates to false or null, then the expression is not true. As an example of the errors that can occur if you forget this, script notin.sql in the online code suite sets up a case with the following results: select * from t1 where n1 = 99; N1 V1 ---------- -------------------99 Ninety-nine 1 row selected. select * from t2 where n1 = 99; no rows selected select from where * t1 t1.n1 not in ( select t2.n1 from t2 )
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text boxes are populated with the InnerText of <firstname>, <lastname>, <homephone>, and <notes>, respectively. The UpdateLabel() method simply sets the Text property of the navigation status label to the current employee index.
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Step 1: Creating a Data Table
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You may have wondered why the selectivity of month_no between :b1 and :b2 is fixed at 0.0025. It s because the optimizer treats it as two predicates with an AND. The selectivity invented for month_no > :b1 is fixed at 0.05, the selectivity invented for month_no < :b2 is the same; so the selectivity of both predicates being true is: 0.05 * 0.05 = 0.0025 (see script bind_between.sql in the online code suite). The selectivity of not (column > :b1) is a special case as well: it is 0.05, not 0.95. The optimizer respects the intention that any test of an unbounded range scan on a column should return 5% of the data. This problem gets even stranger when you use not(month_no between :b1 and :b2). The value that the optimizer uses is 9.75% because the predicate is equivalent to (month_no < :b1 or month_no > :b2) which should be 5% plus 5%, except the optimizer subtracts 0.25%, emulating the subtract the overlap strategy of a more general OR clause.
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Figure 3-6. Output from the ShowUnicodeWhiteSpaceProps target
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The Data Layer
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To create a poll, activate the Poll module and go to node/add/ poll. Give your poll a title that explains it, and then enter a number of choices. You can set the initial votes to something other than zero, if you have a reason to do so. If you need more than five choices, check the Need More Choices box and then click Preview. You will be given five more choice fields. The Poll Duration field lets you set a time frame for the poll to be open to voting, after which the poll will be closed and voting will no longer be possible. Figure 3-7 shows an example of a poll in action.
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Controls can be interacted with using the mouse, and several events are provided that allow you to control their behavior in different circumstances. Each of these events provide a reference to the control as their first argument, and a MouseEventArgs object as their second argument. The MouseEventArgs object exposes a getPosition method that returns an object containing x and y properties that are used to get the coordinates of the mouse on the screen. In addition, it exposes a shift property that is used to determine whether the Shift key was pressed, and a ctrl property that is used to determine if the Ctrl key was pressed. The events that can be captured are as follows:
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In this chapter, we discussed what build tools are and why they are now a required component in the software development life cycle. We also introduced Microsoft s new build tool, MSBuild. We covered all of the key elements that you need to start customizing your builds using MSBuild. For the next few chapters, we will build on this foundation so you can extend your build process to suit your needs. In the next chapter, for example, we will show MSBuild in action. You will see many examples of using MSBuild to help you comprehend some of the difficult-to-understand features and to provide more of a concrete basis on which to further build.
Table 5 10. Role Links Recipe Artifacts
public string GetAddresses(string strZIP) { string strReturn = ""; AddressDataTableAdapters.AddressTableAdapter da = new AddressDataTableAdapters.AddressTableAdapter(); AddressData.AddressDataTable dt = da.GetData(strZIP); strReturn = FormatDTasXML(dt); return strReturn; }
Note To delete a branch, right-click the branch, and select Delete. To delete the Decide shape, right-click the
A good place to start is the interface. The music player interface, IPlayer, is the contract the music player will obey. It includes methods the music player needs, such as pausing the music player or playing a track.
When you compile a Silverlight application, the application is packaged into a single file with the extension .XAP. This file is the only thing that needs to be sent to the client in order to run your application. The XAP file itself is really nothing special and is nothing more than a zip file with a special file extension. To prove this, you can simply change the file extension of a XAP file to give it a .ZIP extension. Once the file has been renamed, you can then view the contents of compressed archive in the file explorer in Windows or in a zip archive tool such as WinZip. The reason Silverlight uses XAP files to package applications is really for two benefits. First, by placing your files in a ZIP archive file, your files are compressed when they are deployed and sent to the client, which in turn reduces download times and improves the end user experience. Secondly, by placing your entire Silverlight application in one file, it makes the process of deploying your application extremely simple.
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