Figure 3-2. Reading an XML document by using XmlTextReader in .net C#

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Figure 2-10. Using the Errors window
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Note: See the section in 3 for information on launching a web browser on very old devices with software versions prior to 4.0. However, this is only part of the story. While most users perceive a single browser application on their phone, the reality is that most commercial BlackBerry devices contain multiple browsers. This is because of the different underlying radio technologies that may be used (such as cellular or Wi-Fi antennae), the different gateways that can be accessed (such as a BES gateway to corporate content or a WAP gateway to a carrier s subscriber page), and different rules configured on each account (the user may be charged for the mobile network but not for Wi-Fi). In many cases, this need not concern you. If you are writing an app for your personal use, and know that the site is accessible from every gateway, then you can use the above code. However, if you need to open the browser content over a particular channel or wish to let the user decide, then you will have to dig a little deeper.
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Because our content is on the file system, we can open the files with a FileReader. We use a BufferedReader to write each line of the HTML content to the portlet s writer, which would work well only for HTML. In a more advanced portlet, we would abstract the content delivery out of the portlet, and return content from a content delivery adapter to the portlet. For instance, HTML pages stored on the file system or in a database could be exposed to the Web with a servlet that also fixes links to work inside the portlet framework. The servlet could also deliver images, PDF files, or Microsoft Office files from the content store. Content that already exists on a web server can be proxied to the portal using a special portlet for web application integration. Jetspeed 1 has a WebPagePortlet class that renders applications on other web servers inside a portal, so look for that portlet to be updated for JSR 168 and Jetspeed 2. Other portals use different web clipping portlets to extract content from other web sites for the portal. Check the documentation for your portal, or use an open source web clipping portlet when one is released.
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3. Our second example demonstrates nesting TRY...CATCH blocks and how execution can continue within the outer block when an error arises within the second block. We keep the same error and will see the error message, The second catch block. But once this is executed, processing will continue to And then this will now work. DECLARE @Probs int BEGIN TRY SELECT 'This will work' BEGIN TRY SELECT @Probs='Not Right' SELECT 10+5, 'This will also work, however the error means it will not run' END TRY BEGIN CATCH SELECT 'The second catch block' END CATCH SELECT 'And then this will now work' END TRY BEGIN CATCH SELECT 'An error has occurred at line ' + LTRIM(STR(ERROR_LINE())) + ' with error ' + LTRIM(STR(ERROR_NUMBER())) + ' ' + ERROR_MESSAGE() END CATCH 4. As expected, we will see three lines of output, as shown in Figure 11-49. The code in the outer CATCH block will not run, as the error was catered to within the inner block.
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I ll identify the data source to you from the RealWorld database, which has a variety of different business entities. You ll get a RealWorld database with the source code for this book, and I ll show you step-by-step how to map the data source to a data table inside the dataset. I ve set aside 3 to discuss entities of the data model used with each report project; I d advise you to use that chapter as a reference to the RealWorld data model.
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Figure 12-2. SSMSE edit window for stored procedures
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Figure 7-11. Proxy managed preferences configuration
You can change this by replacing RemotingProxy with a custom proxy that inherits from RealProxy.
CHAPTER 12: Everything Else
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