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Holders of values used in queries, stored procedures, etc.; although they can hold information from a column of data from a table, they are not actually part of any table. Variables are defined by using the DECLARE command and are prefixed with the @ sign. Values are placed into variables using the SET or the SELECT statement.
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GIMP is one of the most powerful programs available for Linux, but not everyone is enamored of its user interface. A bone of contention for some is that GIMP uses almost completely different terminology from that used by Adobe Photoshop. One developer became so annoyed by this that he created a new version of GIMP called GIMPshop ( This is ostensibly exactly the same as the GIMP program, but the names of the tools have been changed to match those of Photoshop (or the simpler Photoshop Elements program). In a similar way, many of the GIMP s right-click menu entries have also been changed so that they re identical to Photoshop s menu options. The freedom to adapt programs in this way is one of the benefits of open source software. The ability to take program code and create your own version is the foundation of Linux. GIMPshop isn t available via Synaptic Package Manager, but the Linux version offered for download at the GIMPshop web site can be installed under Ubuntu. Once you ve downloaded the package, see 29 to learn how software installation works under Ubuntu.
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Support for HTTP Methods
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Using the Jamendo Store
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if (event.getRepeat() == null) { RepeatRule repeat = new RepeatRule(); repeat.setInt(RepeatRule.FREQUENCY, RepeatRule.YEARLY); repeat.setDate(RepeatRule.MONTH_IN_YEAR, RepeatRule.AUGUST); repeat.setInt(RepeatRule.WEEK_IN_MONTH, RepeatRule.FIRST); repeat.setInt(RepeatRule.DAY_IN_WEEK, RepeatRule.WEDNESDAY); repeat.setInt(RepeatRule.INTERVAL, 2);
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Listing A-3 illustrates the use of the XML comment format and the generation of XML documentation from the comments. Listing A-3. Using XML Documentation // xml_comments.cpp // compile with: /LD /clr /doc // then run: xdcmake xml_comments.xdc using namespace System; /// Ref class R demonstrates XML Documentation Comments. /// <summary> A class demonstrating documentation comments </summary> /// <remarks> A detailed description of R goes into the remarks block /// </remarks> public ref class R { public: /// <summary>F is a method in the R class. /// <para>You can break the comments into paragraphs. /// <see cref="R::G"/> for related information.</para> /// <seealso cref="R::G"/> /// </summary> void F(int i) {}
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On receiving the HTTP response, HttpClientTransportSink calls AsyncProcessResponse() on the ClientChannelSinkStack. The sink stack then pops the first entry from the stack (using a different implementation, as with its public Pop() method) and calls AsyncProcessResponse() on the IClientChannelSink that is at the top of the stack. You can see the sequence of calls that follow in Figure 11-14.
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Instead of using the built-in logging functionality from the PortletContext object, we recommend that you use Apache s log4j ( log4j) project for your logging. log4j s main features are the ability to format logging output, the ability to redirect logging output to multiple locations, and support for different levels of logging. The logging level for log4j can be raised or lowered dynamically on a per-class or per-package basis.
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