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Complete the list selection form as follows: Category: This field is used to name and organize groups of profile fields. Each group will have its own tab added to users account pages. Each tab will show all of the likecategorized profile fields. Title: This field is the label for the form element that you are creating. For the instrumentselection example, this should be something like Your instrument. Form name: This field contains a unique name that Drupal will use to track this information for each user. It must be unique, not only among all of the profile fields you create, but also among the fields internal to Drupal (which you can t possibly be aware of without reading the code). To avoid namespace conflicts with other possible values, the form is prepopulated with profile_. This is intended to be used as a prefix to the name that you give it. While it is not mandatory that you keep to this convention, it is recommended. Add the name of this field after the underscore, without any blank spaces, making sure it is unique. For the instrument example, this could be profile_instrument. Explanation: Use this field to offer instructions to your users regarding what this particular field is for and what type of information they should be giving you. This is optional and can be omitted if the field name makes it obvious. In the case of a field with the name Your instrument, it is probably safe to say that no additional instructions are needed, so you could leave the Explanation field blank. Selection options: This field is unique to the list selection type of profile field. The entries correspond to the various options (<option>) that will appear in the selection box (<select>). Enter each option that you wish to offer on its own line. Figure 3-8 shows the values entered in the Selection Options field, as well as the drop-down selection box that is generated from them.
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Figure 15-3. Use vim s Insert mode to add and edit text.
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Figure 3 10. SQL Azure Add Firewall Rule screen 4. Click the Submit button. Notice that firewall rules can take up to five minutes to go in effect.
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post, include the two sidebar building blocks. When you are viewing a single page, the main content should be full width and the sidebars will not be output. This results in the view shown in Figure 17-6.
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the user will be able to notice a difference. At this point you can run the project using File Run Project. The browser opens and you can see the different states for the button. See Figure 6-8.
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The concept of users and file ownership was explained in 14, but let s take a moment to recap and elaborate on some important points.
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A sequence expression often begins with for ... in ..., but you can use additional constructs. For example: A secondary iteration: for pattern in seq do seq-expr A filter: if expression then seq-expr A conditional: if expression then seq-expr else seq-expr A let binding: let pattern = expression in seq-expr
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Since the crossdomain.xml is uploaded to the root directory of the server, such as http://www.WebSite.com/crossdomain.xml, it is easy to find out whether the crossdomain.xml file is installed by navigating to the address of that file. For example, checking Yahoo! Maps service (http://maps.yahoo.com) reveals a crossdomain.xml file installed when navigating via a browser to http://maps.yahoo.com/crossdomain.xml, as shown in Figure 10-5. Remember that the file can also be written this way: CrossDomain.xml.
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The critical issue with partitioned objects can best be demonstrated with a simple example where we only have to look at the cardinality (row estimates), rather than the cost of the execution plan (see script partition.sql in the online code suite): create table t1 ( part_col not null, id not null, small_vc, padding ) partition by range(part_col) ( partition p0200 values partition p0400 values partition p0600 values partition p0800 values partition p1000 values ) nologging as with generator as ( select --+ materialize rownum id from all_objects where rownum <= 5000 ) select trunc(sqrt(rownum-1)), rownum-1, lpad(rownum-1,10), rpad('x',50) from generator v1,
Table D-1. Ubuntu Derivations on Side B of the DVD-ROM
This program does the same thing as the first example, so we ll discuss only the things that changed. First, you replaced SqlClient with OleDb in the third Imports statement:
OleDbConnection oldCon = null; OleDbConnection newCon = null; try { MessageBox.Show("connecting to old database"); oldCon = new OleDbConnection(GetConnectionString(GetPathToPreFolder())); oldCon.Open(); MessageBox.Show("connecting to new database"); newCon = new OleDbConnection(GetConnectionString()); newCon.Open(); if (oldCon == null) { throw new Exception("failed to get connection to old db"); } if (newCon == null) { throw new Exception("failed to get connection to new db"); } DataSet oldDs = new DataSet("OldNorthwind"); DataSet newDs = new DataSet("NewNorthwind"); OleDbDataAdapter oldDa = new OleDbDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM products", oldCon); OleDbDataAdapter newDa = new OleDbDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM products", newCon); oldDa.Fill(oldDs); newDa.Fill(newDs); // iterate over the old products int newProd = 0; MessageBox.Show("iterating the rows"); foreach (DataRow oldDr in oldDs.Tables[0].Rows) { // see whether the product is in the new products table if (!IsRowInNewProductsTable(oldDr, newDs.Tables[0].Rows, newCon)) { MessageBox.Show ("have to insert product " + oldDr["ProductName"] as string); InsertProduct(newCon, oldDr); newProd++; } } MessageBox.Show("Add " + newProd + " to database"); } catch (Exception ee) { MessageBox.Show(ee.Message); }
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