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Interface definition: public interface IServerChannelSink : IChannelSinkBase { void AsyncProcessResponse(IServerResponseChannelSinkStack sinkStack, object state, IMessage msg, ITransportHeaders headers, Stream stream); Stream GetResponseStream(IServerResponseChannelSinkStack sinkStack, object state, IMessage msg, ITransportHeaders headers); ServerProcessing ProcessMessage(IServerChannelSinkStack sinkStack, IMessage requestMsg, ITransportHeaders requestHeaders, Stream requestStream, [out] ref IMessage responseMsg, [out] ref ITransportHeaders responseHeaders, [out] ref Stream responseStream); IServerChannelSink NextChannelSink { get; } } Although the interface is an extension of the IChannelSinkBase interface like its client-side counterpart, its structure is a little bit more complicated. Most importantly, it defines a method for synchronously processing incoming messages the ProcessMessage() method. For asynchronous messaging, it specifies the AsyncProcessResponse() method only as the logic for message processing, and not waiting for any response is encapsulated within the ProcessMessage() method itself. Whereas the IClientChannelSink interface allows you to access the request stream, the server channel sink requires a method for retrieving the response stream into which the returned message is going to be serialized. And last but not least, the concept for accessing the next sink in the chain through the NextChannelSink property is still the same as with client-side channel sinks. references: 11: Inside the Framework 12: Creation of Sinks 13: Extending .NET Remoting 14: Developing a Transport Channel More information on MSDN: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/cpref/html/ frlrfsystemruntimeremotingchannelsiserverchannelsinkclasstopic.asp
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The artwork page will load. You will be uploading large and small application tile, large pc application tile, and screenshots. The screen resolution is defined in the certification requirements document. Your screen should resemble Figure 5 7 below. The images that are used to upload in this step can be found in [directory where source code is unzipped]\Codes\ch05. Click Next button to continue.
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CciDaoSupport HibernateDaoSupport JdbcDaoSupport JdoDaoSupport JpaDaoSupport SqlMapClientDaoSupport TopLinkDaoSupport
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Introducing WordPress
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Using these values, the script will iterate through each of the specified folders, repairing home folders for each user. You can also use this script to employ ACLs for administrative access, perhaps for a group of users----supervisors ----who need read/write access to all User home folders. Alternatively, you might want to give your filesystemadmins group access to all data on the share. This is specified via the aclGroups variable, and allows you to indicate one of three access levels: fc (equivalent to a Full Control ACE), rw (equivalent to a Read/Write ACE), ro (equivalent to Read Only). (See 4 for more information on ACLs.) Our desired access rights would be accomplished with the following aclGroups entry:
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CHAPTER 8: Automating Administrative Tasks
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an icon next to each invoice s details that will tell you how the profit looks. A happy face means all is good; a sad face means attention is required, and finally, the Come See Me icon is a message from the sales boss to start the fact finding process to figure out how come the transaction was a loss!
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Figure 6 28. Selecting the Schema from the Deployed Project
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Tip The keyboard combination of Ctrl+spacebar is a shortcut to make the IntelliSense drop-down menu
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All the pieces of GNU software were available for free download and were therefore free of charge. But this brought its own problems. Not everyone had the know-how to put all the bits and pieces together into a complete operating system. Those who could do this didn t necessarily have the time for it. Because of this, a number of companies stepped in to do the hard work. They put together versions of Linux, complete with all the software from the GNU Project, which they then sold for a fee on floppy disks, CDs, or DVDs. They also added in bits of their own software, which made it possible to install Linux easily onto a computer s hard disk, for example. They produced their own manuals and documentation, too, and did other things such as bug testing to ensure it all worked well. What they came up with became known as distributions of Linux, or distros for short. Examples of these companies include Red Hat, SUSE, Mandrake, and many others around the world. Additionally, a number of enthusiasts got together and formed organizations to create their own distros, such as Debian and Slackware. Modern distros are very advanced. They make it easy to install Linux on your PC, and they usually come with everything you need, so you can get started immediately. Additionally, they have their own look and feel, as well as unique ways of working and operating.
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Figure 18-5. Audio tracks can be ripped from CDs using the Sound Juicer program.
args.PageVisual = customPrintPanel;
A number of web sites provide online link checking services. They work by reading your web page after you provide the URL, and checking each of the links they find on your page. One such tool is Link Valet from the Web Design Group (http://valet.htmlhelp.com/link/). Figure 18-11 shows a portion of a typical report page.
From this toolbar, click the New Folder button to create the Codus\Shared folder, and then click the Add Files button to add the files to that folder. After you add the files contained in the local directory, your source control directory should look similar to the one in Figure 5-18.
The example application project was built and managed by using the Maven 2 software project management tool. Maven provides a large number of facilities, in a sense a limitless number because it is extensible, but the important ones that we are concerned with are related to managing the build. I decided to use Maven 2 for this process primarily because it eliminates the need to include minutely detailed lists of the JAR files that must be downloaded when building an application.
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