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Designed by the Object Management Group (OMG), an international consortium of about 800 companies, CORBA s aim is to be the middleware of choice for heterogeneous systems. OMG s CORBA, which stands for Common Object Request Broker Architecture, is only a collection of standards; the implementation of object request brokers (ORBs) is done by various third parties. Because parts of the standard are optional and the vendors of ORBs are allowed to include additional features that are not in the specifications, the world has ended up with some incompatible request brokers. As a result, an application developed to make use of one vendor s features could not easily be ported to another ORB. When you buy a CORBA-based program or component, you just can t be sure if it will integrate with your CORBA applications, which probably were developed for a different request broker. Aside from this potential problem, CORBA also has quite a steep learning curve. The standard reads like a complete wish list of everything that s possible with remoted components sometimes it simply is too much for the standard business. You ll probably end up reading documents for days or weeks before your first request is ever sent to a server object. Nevertheless, when you have managed to implement your first CORBA application, you ll be able to integrate a lot of programming languages and platforms. There are even layers for COM or EJB integration, and apart from SOAP, CORBA is the only true multiplatform, multiprogramming language environment for distributed applications.
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General Node
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for (var i:int = 0; i<len; i++) { imageURL = "http://static.flickr.com/"+ac.getItemAt(i) .server+"/"+ac.getItemAt(i).id+"_"+ac.getItemAt(i).secret+"_s.jpg"; list.push(imageURL); } for(var j:int=0;j<3;j++) { images = images.concat(list); } this.images = images; cmp.dataProvider = images; } private function startSearchFlikr():void { searchCriteria.tags = tagsTextInput.text; searchCriteria.userName = userTextInput.text; if (userTextInput.text != "") { flickr.findByUsername(userTextInput.text); return; } searchFlikrTags(); } private function handleUserInfo(event:FlickrEvent):void { searchCriteria.nsid = event.data.nsid; searchFlikrTags(); } private function selectedImageChangedEventHandler(event:DragTitleEvent):void { var imgURL:String = event.selectedImage; image.source = imgURL.replace("_s", ""); trace(imgURL); }
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Listing 5-12. Using StreamWriter StreamWriter^ sw = gcnew StreamWriter("textfile.txt"); sw->WriteLine("Can code be poetry "); sw->Flush(); sw->Close(); // The File class's CreateText static method is used to // create a text file. StreamWriter^ sw2 = File::CreateText("newtextfile.txt"); To read text, use the StreamReader class (see Listing 5-13). Listing 5-13. Using StreamReader StreamReader^ sr = gcnew StreamReader("textfile.txt"); String^ line; // Read each line and write it out to the console. while ((line = sr->ReadLine()) != nullptr) { Console::WriteLine(line); } Whenever you deal with files, of course, you cannot neglect proper error handling. The .NET Framework classes throw exceptions of type System::IO::IOException to indicate error conditions, so you would normally use a try/catch block around any attempt to work with a file. This code is a typical example: the exception has a Message property that contains an informative error message, as in Listing 5-14. Listing 5-14. Using an Exception s Message Property String^ filename = "textfile.txt"; try { // Another way of creating a StreamReader class is with // static methods of the File class. StreamReader^ sr2 = File::OpenText(filename); String^ line; // Read each line and write it out to the console. while ((line = sr2->ReadLine()) != nullptr) { Console::WriteLine(line); } } catch(IOException^ e) { Console::WriteLine("Exception! {0}", e->Message ); }
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The full URL to the server s registered object. Type information in the form <namespace>.<classname>, <assembly> . When the target assembly is registered in the GAC, you have to specify version, culture, and public key information as well. Optional attribute that is used in the .NET Framework Configuration Tool.
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Authenticating with JAAS
Table 12-1. Calculating the Row Size
The Distributed Server Boycott List is a set of lists of IP addresses of servers that are known to be open relays, open proxies, or to have other vulnerabilities that allow anyone to deliver e-mail to anywhere, through that server. The Spam module s fourth anti-spam mechanism uses these lists to check the IP addresses of users posting content and see if they are known e-mail spammers. Presumably, e-mail spammers are also content/comment spammers.
Interface Classes
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