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Working with Events
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Creating a Personal Dashboard
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Configuring forms-based authentication to use ASP.NET membership services is very straightforward, and very well handled for you by the framework. In this section, you ll go through, step by step, how to create a simple site that uses membership, authentication, and roles, and how ASP .NET and Visual Studio 2005 enable this for you. You ll then take what you ve learned in this section to the next, where you will access the membership and profile data directly from JavaScript using your Ajax code.
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do { switch (navigator.Name) { case "firstname": textBox2.Text = navigator.Value; break; case "lastname": textBox3.Text = navigator.Value; break; case "homephone": textBox4.Text = navigator.Value; break; case "notes": textBox5.Text = navigator.Value; break; } } while (navigator.MoveToNext()); navigator.MoveToParent(); } } while (navigator.MoveToNext()); } } The code should be familiar to you, because we used something similar in previous examples. The code loops through all the <employee> nodes and finds the one that matches the supplied employee ID. The values of various child nodes such as <firstname>, <lastname>, <homephone>, and <notes> are displayed in the respective text boxes by using the Value property of XPathNavigator.
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In most cases, you should statically register your application. That said, dynamic registration is sometimes easier during development, especially if you expect to frequently modify your handler settings.
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Figure 7-18. Changing a User s GGUID in System Preferences
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Since customer a already exists, SQL Server prevents the insertion of a duplicate, so the first operation fails. The second DELETE statement in the transaction is executed, and customer aa is deleted since it doesn t have any child records in the Orders table; but because @maxerr isn t zero (it s 2627, as you see in the Results pane), you roll back the transaction by undoing the deletion of customer aa .
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ID and Total Quantity Ordered provide aliases for the columns. (In SQL
Introducing Custom Metadata
Click OK.
AIR applications have been judged by many to consume too many resources from the machine they are installed on. In AIR 2.0, Adobe put extra effort into decreasing the runtime size and into decreasing the CPU/memory consumed by an AIR application. In fact, you have tested a simple application that includes a text field and noticed a decrease in resources used. Look at the results in Table 5-2 of a sample application you ran as a test.
How It Works
The Traditional Approach
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