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A common scenario where PIVOT can be useful is when you want to generate crosstabulation reports to summarize data. The PIVOT operator can rotate rows to columns. For example, suppose you want to query the Sales.CreditCard table in the AdventureWorks database to determine the number of credit cards of a particular type that will be expiring in specified year. If you look at the query for GROUP BY mentioned in the previous section and shown earlier in Figure 4-4, the years 2008 and 2009 have also been passed to the WHERE clause, but they are displayed only as part of the record and get repeated for each type of card separately, which has increased the number of rows to eight. PIVOT achieves the same goal by producing a concise and easy-to-understand report format.
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Now that you know the features and benefits of XML, let s see what all these benefits mean to modern software systems. Figure 1-1 shows a traditional web-based application. The application consists of Active Server Pages (ASP) scripts hosted on a web server. The client, in the form of a web browser, requests various web pages. On receiving the requests, the web server processes them and sends the response in the form of HTML content. This architecture sounds good at first glance, but suffers from several shortcomings: It considers only web browsers as clients. The response from the web server is always in HTML. That means a desktop-based application may not render this response at all. The data and presentation logic are tightly coupled. If we want to change the presentation of the same data, we need to make considerable changes. Tomorrow, if some other application wants to consume the same data, it cannot be shared easily.
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You ll find the toolkit on CodePlex at http://silverlight.codeplex.com (see Figure 6-1).
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Type of Method
Once you have set your base station to use accounts for shared storage, you can also configure the Workgroup setting, which allows the Windows systems on your network to browse the AirPort and access the shared media. The WINS Server option allows you to assign a WINS server that can be run on OS X Server, Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Samba on Unix or Linux, and Windows 2008 Server. These settings have little usefulness for your file sharing if you are not using Windows machines in your environment. In other words, if there are no Windows machines around, do not enable them. Once you have configured the sharing settings for the AirPort, click on Configure Accounts to take you to the Accounts tab, where you can set up the users who can access the data on the disks attached to your AirPort base station. In the Accounts window, click the plus (+) sign to add accounts that can access the drive (see Figure 13 8). This opens the Account Setup Assistant. The Account Setup Assistant allows you to enter a simple name and password, along with what level of access the user has to the media attached to the AirPort base station. The levels of access include Not Allowed, Read Only, and Read and Write (see Figure 13 9). These are similar to what is allowed in Mac OS X but with fewer features.
<body><center><div style='font: Arial 12px;'> Which Ford model would you like to see <br><br> <a href='http://www.bing.com/images/search q=cars+Ford+Mustang'>Ford Mustang</a> or <a href='http://www.bing.com/images/search q=cars+Ford+F150'>Ford F150</a></div></center></body></html>"); 3. Press F5 to run the application. Now if you type Ford in the text box and press the Show It! button, you should see a dynamically generated HTML message with hyperlinks asking you to clarify which Ford model you would like to see, just like Figure 8 3.
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