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The ability to create a hard-drive image and copy it to another hard drive is a basic, longtime feature of the Mac OS. We ll begin by illustrating the process using the triedand-true Disk Utility, included with Mac OS X. This tool can produce an image of the computer, which, by default, it does in the form of a disk image (DMG) file. We ll start by building the base system that will act as the template. First, install OS X on a computer and go through the checklist of settings and procedures you normally follow. Don t, however, perform any trusted binding of the system into a directory service. (Creating this binding is the default with Active Directory, which we covered in s 2 and 3, so don t do any Active Directory binding prior to making the image.) Next, install the applications you normally run (using, one hopes, the volume licensing keys), populate them with your usual files, and reboot the system into FireWire targetdisk mode. You can do so by selecting Target Disk Mode in the startup-disk preference panel before you reboot or by holding down the T key at boot-up. When the system has restarted, it will display a gray screen and a masquerading FireWire logo. At this point, connect the base system to the admin computer to create the image file on the latter.
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Returns the length of the list. Returns the first element of a nonempty list. Returns all the elements of a nonempty list except the first. Returns a new list. The length of the new list is specified by the first parameter. The second parameter must be a generating function that maps list indexes to values. Returns a new list containing the elements of the first list followed by the elements of the second list. Returns a new list containing only those elements of the original list where the function returns true. Creates a new list by applying a function to each element of the original list. Executes the given function for each element of the list. Returns two new lists containing the first and second elements of the pairs in the input list. Returns a new list containing the elements of the two input lists combined pairwise. The input lists must be the same length; otherwise, an exception is raised. Creates an array from the given list. Creates a list from the given array.
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BrowserSession browserSession = Browser.getDefaultSession(); browserSession.displayPage("http://www.sfgate.com");
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Generic Boxing and Unboxing
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Predicate Information (identified by operation id): --------------------------------------------------1 - filter("OUTER"."SAL">AVG("INNER"."SAL")) 3 - access("INNER"."DEPT_NO"="OUTER"."DEPT_NO" AND "INNER"."DEPT_NO"="DEPT"."DEPT_NO") 5 - access("OUTER"."DEPT_NO"="DEPT"."DEPT_NO") 7 - filter("DEPT"."DEPT_GROUP"=1) 9 - filter("DEPT"."DEPT_GROUP"=1) I am not going to try to explain exactly what the optimizer has done here critically, though, it obeyed the subquery unnesting directive (parameter _unnest_subquery = true) and unnested everything in sight, and then used complex view merging to try to find the optimum four-table join order, postponing the calculation of average salary to the last possible moment. Suffice it to say that on test runs, 8i and 10g managed to complete the query in the proverbial subsecond response time, whereas 9i took 1 minute and 22 seconds of solid CPU on a machine running at 2.8 GHz. When I set _unnest_subquery to false, 9i followed the 8i execution plan; when I set parameter _complex_view_merging to false, it followed the 10g execution plan. Conversely, when I set the 10g parameter _optimizer_squ_bottomup to false, 10g generated the disastrous 9i execution plan even when I rewrote the query to turn the subqueries on dept to joins (and that was a surprise that I m going to have to investigate one day).
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Your system needs to meet some basic requirements to install and run a WordPress blog. The first is hosting. You ll need an account on a server somewhere. This may be shared hosting or your own server, if you have one. WordPress does work on Windows, especially with the same web server and database setup. But because it s the most common and, frankly, the simplest to set up, I m going to concentrate on GNU/Linux-based hosting. Your hosting server needs to have support for PHP version 4.1 or later and MySQL database server version 3.23.23 or later. I recommend Apache as a web server (version 1.3.23 or later), but any web server capable of supporting PHP should work. If you have support for mod_rewrite in Apache, you ll be able to use some especially useful features of WordPress. (See http://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/mod/mod_rewrite.html for more information about mod_rewrite.) You ll also need to be able to upload files via FTP and change permissions on your files and folders. I don t have a recommendation for disk space or bandwidth. A 1,000-post blog with 2,000 comments and no pictures will fit comfortably in 10MB with room to spare. Bandwidth is too variable to call. Blog popularity ranges from 1 visit a week to 10,000 per day and higher. A huge number of companies offer hosting. Shop around and get the best deal to suit your needs. Always go for more than you think you ll need, but stay within your budget. You never know your blog may become very popular. The last thing you want is to be cut off for exceeding your bandwidth, just as you are building your community.
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[Bindable] public var images:Array; [Bindable] public var targetData:Array = []; protected var flickr:Flickr = new Flickr(); protected var searchCriteria:SearchCriteria = new SearchCriteria(); private function initApp() : void { flickr.addEventListener( FlickrEvent.USER_INFO_EVENT, handleUserInfo ); flickr.addEventListener( FlickrEvent.SEARCH_COMPLETE_EVENT, searchCompleteEventHandler ); flickr.addEventListener( FlickrEvent.CONNECTION_FAILED_EVENT, function(event:FlickrEvent):void { Alert.show( event.failMsg, "Connection Failure" ) } ); cmp.addEventListener(DragTitleEvent.SELECTED_IMAGE_CHANGED, selectedImageChangedEventHandler); cmp2.addEventListener(DragTitleEvent.SELECTED_IMAGE_CHANGED, selectedImageChangedEventHandler); } private function searchFlikrTags():void { var numPerPage:Number = 50; flickr.photoSearch(numPerPage,searchCriteria);
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Figure 18 10. MobileMe sign-in screen
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Filtering Data Using LINQ
protected String getTitle(RenderRequest request) { return "Link Crawler"; }
From the toolbox, drag a Scope shape onto the design surface, in between the Receive and Send shapes configured in the previous step configure this shape to act as an Atomic transaction. From the toolbox, drag a Call Rules shape onto the design surface, inside the Scope shape configured in the previous step. Configure this shape by doubleclicking it, which launches the Call Rules Policy Configuration dialog box. Select the appropriate business policy to call and the parameters to pass into the policy (SamplePolicy in this scenario).
namespace UrlAuthenticationSink {
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