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create procedure sp_Select_All_Employees as
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When searching a table using the index, SQL Server does not go through all the data stored in the table; rather, it focuses on a much smaller subset of that data, as it will be looking at the columns defined within the index, which is faster. Once the record is found in the index, a pointer states where the data for that row can be found in the relevant table. There are different types of indexes you can build onto a table. An index can be created on one column, called a simple index, or on more than one column, called a compound index. The circumstances of the column or columns you select and the data that will be held within these columns determine which type of index you use.
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It felt like false advertising when, at the end of last century, cellular phone companies began to promote Internet access as a feature of their devices. As customers quickly learned when they tried to get online, their phones could only access web pages written in Wireless Markup Language (WML), and not the traditional HyperText Markup Language (HTML) used by the vast majority of the web sites. Very few sites could afford to build and maintain code in two separate languages HTML for desktop and WML for mobile phones and, as a result, web browsing on mobile phones never took off. But we live in much more progressive times. Windows Phone 7 devices ship with Internet Explorer 7 installed, which means that any content that can be viewed in the desktop version of Internet Explorer 7 can be viewed on the phone as well. Even better, the Windows Phone 7 SDK includes a WebBrowser control that you can use to embed one or more instances of a small but fully capable browser inside your applications. In this chapter, you ll learn how and when to use it. But first, let s look at three common scenarios.
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At the bottom of the screen, you can select Design view or Source view. Source view for an ASPX page looks a lot like HTML, and in fact that s exactly what it is specially marked-up HTML that the ASP .NET-based server recognizes. At the top of the document, you see the markup beginning with <%@, which indicates to the server that this is an active page and that the content should be parsed to generate HTML code. The code-behind file is specified as part of the Page tag at the top. In addition, as you place controls on the page, you ll see the server-side code specified using tags such as <asp:Button> for a serverside button. As the server parses the page, it recognizes tags like this and generates the appropriate HTML to render the desired content. Design view shows the design surface for the page. In Design view, you can drag and drop controls from the Toolbox onto the page to create your web UI. See the example in Figure 2-19, where an ASP .NET Button, Label, and TextBox control have been added to the page.
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To install Nessus, go to the Tenable Network Security web site at www.nessus.org, and download the Nessus installer. You ll also need to register for a subscription. All of the
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Enter a username and password for the share, and if desired, a subfolder and mount options. Always manually attempt to mount a remote client, read information from it, and write to it before filling it in here. When you re ready, click on the Continue button again, and you ll be prompted to set up email notifications, a fairly straightforward step.
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Note Most of the remaining samples in this book will use this RemotingHelper class to create remote
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Figure 2-18. The Class View window The Class View is handy in that you can drill through to find particular symbols, and once you find them, you can right-click and be brought to their definition. This will open the document containing the symbol itself so you can further examine its details. This view is especially useful for viewing your object hierarchy. Some classes may have specific interfaces implemented that you may be interested in knowing about, such as when working with various types of collection classes.
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authorization right system.services.directory.configure . Through the modification of this right, you can grant access to change directory settings to your non-admin users. To start the binding process, open the Accounts System Preference pane by clicking on the Apple menu in the top-left corner of your screen, selecting System Preferences and then clicking on Accounts. Next, click on the Login Options, as shown in Figure 3-1.
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2 13. Creating SOAP Header Schemas
Figure 2 5. iPhone SDK 3.0 protocol support in the info-plist file
{ writer.WriteAttributeString(reader.GetName(i), reader.GetValue(i).ToString()); } writer.WriteEndElement(); } } writer.WriteEndElement(); writer.Close(); reader.Close(); cnn.Close(); } Note the code marked in bold. The Formatting property of XmlTextWriter governs whether the document will be formatted. The Formatting property is an enumeration of type Formatting and contains two possible values: None and Indented. The Indentation property of XmlTextWriter specifies the number of indent characters to be written in the document. This property is useful only if Formatting is set to Indented. The IndentChar property holds the character to be used for indentation. Though you can specify any valid character for IndentChar, space and tab are commonly used. If you export the Customers table after making the preceding modifications, the resultant document should resemble Figure 3-13.
We can then create a simple script that queries the tables with longer and longer in-lists (the online code suite holds separate scripts for the two data sets: in_list.sql uses the original 1,200 rows and in_list_02.sql uses 12,000 rows with 1,000 distinct values): select select select . . . select count(*) from audience where month_no in (1,2); count(*) from audience where month_no in (1,2,3); count(*) from audience where month_no in (1,2,3,4); count(*) from audience where month_no in (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14);
Figure 13 6. AirPort disk sharing overview
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