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you can indicate that a C-like sequential layout strategy should be adopted. It s also possible to provide an explicit layout for the structure, indicating the offset in memory for each field of the structure. This example uses the sequential layout for the Complex value type: module CInterop = [<Struct; StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential)>] type Complex = val mutable re:double val mutable im:double new(r,i) = { re = r; im = i; } [<DllImport("CInteropDLL")>] extern Complex SumC(Complex c1, Complex c2) let c1 = CInterop.Complex(1.0, 0.0) let c2 = CInterop.Complex(0.0, 1.0) let mutable c3 = CInterop.SumC(c1, c2) printf "c3 = SumC(c1, c2) = %f + %fi\n" c3.re c3.im; The SumC prototype refers to the F# Complex value type. But because the layout of the structure in memory is the same as the corresponding C structure, the runtime passes the bits that are consistent with those expected by the C code.
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The main problem with user attributes is that they won t necessarily be available to your portlet. Although support for them is a mandatory part of the JSR 168 specification, all of the individual attributes are optional, so the requirement has very little real force. As a result, your portal may support user attributes in name alone.
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Figure 5-15. You should have Windows (NTFS), swap, and main partitions before continuing.
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The implementation of the factory (how it actually goes about acquiring the instances and configuring their dependencies) is not really our problem. As long as we can acquire a bean factory that materializes suitable beans, we need inquire no further. The limited set of methods available should help to illustrate the fact that a BeanFactory really is a container; the methods provided to you are exclusively about querying the factory about its contents and obtaining items from it. Listing 3-5 shows the instantiation, configuration, and use of a BeanFactory implementation purely from code.
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Getting Started with F# Arithmetic
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package advancedflex4.ch08.remoting { [RemoteClass(alias="advancedflex4.ch07.remoting.Person")] [Managed] public class Person { public var id:int; public var firstName:String; public var lastName:String; public var country:String; } }
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Figure 8-10. Implicit localization: German
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We start by retesting our baseline on the newer version of Oracle still using a tablespace built with an 8KB block size and note that the cost has gone up from 1,518 to 1,519. This is a minor variation in 9i controlled by parameter _tablescan_cost_plus_one, which is set to false in 8i and true in 9i. A tablescan in 9i is automatically a tiny bit more expensive than the equivalent tablescan in 8i (all other things being equal). This is the type of minor tweak that appears surprisingly frequently in Oracle, and makes it very difficult to produce any sort of documentation about the optimizer that is both concise and complete. In this case, the change may represent the requirement for the necessary access to the table s segment header block at the start of a tablescan; alternatively it may simply be one of several tricks built into the optimizer to bias it towards using indexed access paths on very small tables. After spotting the plus 1 in the cost, we can try a few variations in block sizes (tablescan_01a.sql and tablescan_01b.sql in the online code suite) and see what happens when we fix the db_file_multiblock_read_count at 8 and leave CPU costing disabled. The three figures for each block size shown in Table 2-2 are The cost of a tablescan on a fixed number of blocks (10,000) as the block size changes The adjusted dbf_mbrc (10,000 / (cost 1)) for each of the different block sizes The cost of a tablescan when the size (in MB) of the table is fixed and the block size changes
Map Events and Data Items
5. Save the file, and then reboot your computer.
throw new UnavailableException("The database has been decommissioned");
Figure 11-2. Inner join with multiple join columns
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