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is the first time you ve shared a folder, a dialog box will appear telling you the sharing service software is not installed. Click the Install Service button to add it.
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receive the mail-merged letter, as shown in Figure 23-7. You don t need to fill in each field; you ll be able to choose which data fields to use in the document later on. If you wish to enter your own specific data types in addition to address details, you can click the Customize button to add your own field to the list. Using the up and down arrows in the window that appears, position the highlight where you would like the data to appear. Then click the Add button (alternatively, if there s a data field you re not using, you can highlight it and select Rename to reuse it). Obviously, you should add any new data fields you want before you begin to enter data!
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ne area where Linux particularly excels is in its support for networking, including the Internet. If you wish to learn about how networks operate on a fundamental level, then Linux is an ideal choice, because it puts you in direct contact with the technology. The widespread integration and support for networking extends to several useful system tools, which let you access Linux across any kind of network, including the Internet. In fact, it s even possible to access a Linux machine running on a different continent, just as if you were sitting in front of it! This chapter looks at the many ways you can access your Ubuntu computer remotely. In addition, we look at the ways that you can use Ubuntu to access almost any other computer, including Windows PCs.
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Card (9i /10g)
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The RadioButtonList control provides a series of RadioButton controls at runtime. However, it still is designed for situations where only one selection is permitted by the end user.
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Figure 16 19. Creating a Windows PDC
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verified against any views defined with the underlying tables. Also, if the view uses TOP, then WITH CHECK OPTION cannot be defined.
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The term manifest comes from the Latin manifestus, which means blatant, obvious. It was later used in the shipping industry to mean the list of cargo and passengers on a ship or train. To find a particular passenger or to discover what cargo is contained on a train, you would consult the manifest. The assembly manifest serves the same purpose for an assembly. The runtime uses the manifest to find information about what types are in an assembly, and where to find those types in the assembly. Because of the information in the manifest, the assembly is said to be self-describing. This presents a significant advance from unmanaged executables
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Figure 3-3. A PlayerListener responding to Player events
Figure 5-3. Visual Studio assists when you need to add the System.ComponentModel namespace. Next, you can let Visual Studio do some more work for you. After adding the using System.ComponentModel statement, right-click INotifyPropertyChanged and select Implement Interface Implement Interface from the pop-up menu, as shown in Figure 5-4.
Figure 11-4. The F# button control used in a C# application and the Visual Studio designer You start your control by inheriting from the UserControl class:2 open open open open System System.Drawing System.Windows.Forms System.ComponentModel
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