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namespace WCFService.Web { public class StartingHands { public string Nickname { get; set; } public string Notes { get; set; } public string Card1 { get; set; } public string Card2 { get; set; } public static List<StartingHands> GetHands() { List<StartingHands> hands = new List<StartingHands>(); hands.Add( new StartingHands() { Nickname = "Big Slick", Notes = "Also referred to as Anna Kournikova.", Card1 = "As", Card2 = "Ks" }); hands.Add( new StartingHands() { Nickname = "Pocket Rockets", Notes = "Also referred to as Bullets.", Card1 = "As", Card2 = "Ad" });
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Note The Image module needs either the GD2 or ImageMagick library to convert images.
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3. Export Release Build dialog is showing up with the certificate file you just created and
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When to Use Readers and Writers
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Table 2-5. Effects of different degrees of parallelism
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<bean id="soap" class="com.apress.coupling.SoapImpl" /> <bean id="looseSmtp" class="com.apress.coupling.LooselyCoupled"> <constructor-arg ref="smtp" /> </bean> <bean id="looseSoap" class="com.apress.coupling.LooselyCoupled"> <constructor-arg ref="soap" /> </bean> </beans> This is still quite wordy, but when you discount some of the boilerplate and redundancy of the XML format itself, you can see that this is a much closer approximation to the simplicity of Listing 3-4. In fact, in some ways we have already started to see some of the power of the Spring configuration approach. By default, XML bean definitions describe singletons (this can be overridden by use of the scope attribute on the bean element). Listing 3-4 uses the transport implementations only once, but if we did so multiple times, we would have to write a suitable singleton container for each of the implementations. Here Spring provides this out of the box. Listing 3-7 shows how we can create a factory from the configuration file shown in Listing 3-6, and one way that the appropriate beans can be extracted from the factory and methods invoked upon them.
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Listing 1-1. Acquiring Connection Resources by Using Factory Methods
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Figure 7-20. Script summary
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Note You can find certificate thumbprints by viewing a certificate s details in the Certificate MMC snap-in.
.NET aware that this control, txtResult, should be accesBy doing this, you make ASP sible on the server (allowing you to change its content, or state). But you may elect to forego the ASP.NET HTML controls and instead use the full.NET server controls. In the following example, you ll modify the previous fledged ASP example to use a server-side Literal control, and this control will be populated with the results of the operation. Go back to Design view for the Default.aspx page and amend it by removing the txtResults HTML control and replacing it with an ASP.NET Literal control. You can find this control on the Standard Visual Studio Toolbox tab. Once you ve done so, your screen should look like Figure 3-3.
Once the creationCompleteHandler method is called, you can access the infoVO model data you created: infoVO.fullName As for the info2VO class, you will need to create a new XML, call it info.xml, then paste the following content:
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