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Figure 8-2. Dataset, data adapter, and data source interaction
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#!/bin/bash PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin
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To add new ranks to the list, click the Add new rank button toward the bottom of the page. That button takes you to a form that will help you create the new rank. Give the rank a title. If you plan on using this rank as something you will assign to specific users, rather than basing it on post count, set the Set as special rank option to Yes. If you set this to No instead, enter the minimum number of posts required to attain that rank. If you have images to use with your ranks (such as stars), fill in the path to the image for that particular rank. Click Submit, and the rank will take effect. If it is a special rank, you then need to go to the User Management panel, find the user you wish to assign the rank to, and use the rank assignment drop-down box at the bottom of the form. Users with special ranks assigned to them are not subject to the post countbased ranking system.
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public String getContextPath()
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When Are Signature Types Checked
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Occasionally, especially during development, you will need to restart the BizTalk host instances. When deploying new configurations, new referenced .NET assemblies, and new shared maps and schemas, it is
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As discussed earlier, the protocol button on the modal dialog in Figure 4 14 refers to the organization of the communications messages that move between the iPhone application and the controller s firmware. This would include control packets to perform such actions as turning on or off LEDs, as well as sending the position information of the potentiometer and the pushbutton to the iPhone app. Pressing this button on the action sheet modal dialog results in execution of the following method.
Under the Tools menu you have the ability to customize all of the menus and toolbars we have looked at so far. Essentially, every menu item we have described in the main menu bar can also be configured to be displayed on a toolbar. A slew of toolbars provided out of the box are available from below the View menu. If a toolbar and a command that you want to appear on that toolbar is not present, you can add it by going into Tools Customize. You may navigate around in this dialog, and when you see a command you want, simply drag it onto the toolbar. Take a look at Figure 2-2, which shows you how to add the Restart button to the Debugging toolbar. This will come in handy in 12.
Describes a hardware device such as a tape drive used to back up a SQL Server database. If a tape drive is used, then the tape drive must be attached directly to the computer that the SQL Server database resides on, and cannot be a tape drive found on a remote computer elsewhere on the network. This can also refer to a file on the same computer, or another server if required.
GetInt64 GetBytes GetBoolean GetString GetString GetDecimal GetDateTime GetDateTime GetDateTime GetDateTime GetDecimal GetDouble GetValue GetDateTime GetGuid GetInt32 GetString GetDecimal GetFloat GetInt16 GetByte GetValue GetValue GetValue GetString GetValue GetString GetString
MessageData Message
Programmers have also come up with Free Software alternatives to proprietary formats. Examples include the Ogg media format, which is every bit as good as MP3 but is unencumbered by patent issues. We ll look at using Ogg later in this chapter, in the Choosing a Format section; it s an excellent way of avoiding issues surrounding patenting. However, at the moment, there s no ideal open-source video format, or at least not one that s in widespread use. As an end user migrating to Ubuntu from Windows or Mac OS X, it s likely you ll want to add support for MP3 and popular video file playback formats, at least until you can
"null!" "An exception: %s!" e.Message "An integer: %d!" i "A date/time: %O!" d "Some other kind of object\n"
Float Decimal Int, SmallInt, BigInt Money Date Bit
The view of the GraphControl is entirely contained within the OnPaint method, which is invoked when the GUI needs to repaint the content of the control or when an invocation of the Invalidate method occurs. Listing 11-4 shows the full code for this method. Programming graphical controls can get complicated, and often the code is factorized further using functions. The OnPaint method begins computing some information such as the rectangles containing the string with the values to be displayed. The dimension of a string depends on the font used for display and the particular device context used to render it. You rely on the MeasureString method of the Graphics object you received from the GUI. You compute the plotBox rectangle, which represents the area where you draw the data; it s obtained by removing from the dimension of the control the margins specified in the configuration and the space required by the labels if visible. You later set an appropriate coordinate system on the device context so that the drawing primitives render in this new system: g.TranslateTransform(float32(plotBox.Left), float32(x.Height - plotBox.Top)) g.ScaleTransform(1.0f, -1.0f) You translate the origin of the coordinate system in the lower-left vertex of the margins rectangle. You also flip the y axis by setting a scale transform that inverts the direction, multiplying y coordinates by 1.0f; in this way, you obtain a coordinate system oriented as in mathematics. Coordinate transformation
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