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When the stored procedure executed, the RAISERROR statement raised an error, which ADO.NET converted to an exception. The exception was handled by:
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Starting with device software version 4.7, you can also provide a boolean indicating whether to ignore the current setting of the firewall. Firewalls are discussed in more detail later in this chapter; for now, be aware that unless you specify true here, ApplicationPermissionsManager will allow the firewall setting to override the actual permission that the user has set. You generally do want to take the firewall into account, since you likely care most about the actual behavior for a request you would make and not just what is shown on the permissions screen. Only set true here if you need to know the actual underlying setting.
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Figure 9-1. ADO.NET architecture
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The output links from the Table Looping functoid are configured as follows: An output link to the AliasNames repeating node structure in the destination schema An output link to a Table Extractor functoid for processing first names (column 1) from the table An output link to a Table Extractor functoid for processing last names (column 2) from the table
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Note Actually, ref is not a keyword in exactly the same sense as a C++ keyword. For one thing, it is
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Step 1: Creating the Data Tables
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What should happen when the spam filter identifies something as spam That question is answered by the settings in the Actions group on the Spam module s settings page. You can have the content or comment automatically unpublished by checking the Automatically Unpublish Spam field. This might be the best option if spam or potentially embarrassing content could hurt your business or reputation if allowed to persist on the site for any amount of time. Use this option if you are too busy to constantly police your site (better to be safe than sorry). On the other hand, it is possible (though rare) for the Spam module to identify false positives, and users whose content gets unpublished may get very irritated with your site. The Notify Admin When Spam Detected field causes the administrator of the site to be notified whenever spam is identified. This should be checked as long as you leave possible spam published (Automatically Unpublish Spam is unchecked), or if you are worried about the chance of false positives. That way, you can closely monitor the Spam module s activities and see that it is doing its job correctly.
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Now, this is all very well for a fixed SQL statement like the one we had hard-coded to query for postal code 98011. But what happens if you want the user to specify the postal code that they are searching for You achieve this using parameters. Thus, you can provide an application where the user specifies (using text input, request parameters, or other input mechanisms) what they want, and your application responds accordingly. Be careful when using parameters in SQL statements that are derived from user input, as this is a common source of SQL injection attacks. This type of hacker attack involves a cleverly crafted parameter value on the user s part and an insecure application that doesn t validate user input. This attack can allow a malicious user to access private data or even destroy your database. To use a parameter in SQL, you specify a placeholder for the parameter by prefixing it with the @ character. So, for example, our hard-coded query from earlier could be changed to this:
Another handy command is cd, for change directory. This lets you move around the file system, from directory to directory. Say you re in a directory that has another directory in it, named mydirectory2. Switching to it is easy:
RemotingServices Class
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As I mentioned at the beginning of the chapter, creating a custom control does not need to be difficult. Of course, the work involved depends on how complex your control needs to be. As you ll see, the custom control you ll create in this chapter is relatively simple. Before you get to that exercise, let s take a quick look at the two options for creating custom controls.
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