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Generator Code 39 in C# Looking for Specific Elements and Nodes

CHAPTER 10: Hardware Design
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In order to add a new employee, we need to specify employee ID, first name, last name, and notes in the respective controls and click the Add button. Inside the Click event of the Add button, we need to create new XElement instances that represent <employee>, <firstname>, <lastname>, <homephone>, and <notes> elements. Listing 13-13 shows how this is done. Listing 13-13. Adding a New Employee Element private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { XElement employee = new XElement("employee", new XElement("firstname", textBox1.Text), new XElement("lastname", textBox2.Text), new XElement("homephone", textBox3.Text), new XElement("notes", new XCData(textBox4.Text))); employee.SetAttributeValue("employeeid", comboBox1.Text); doc.Add(employee); comboBox1.Items.Add(comboBox1.Text); FillControls(); } Notice the markup in Listing 13-13 carefully. The code creates a new instance of the XElement class using functional construction. The code written using functional construction gives a visual indication about the nesting of the XML tree. After looking at our code, you can easily identify that <firstname>, <lastname>, <homephone>, and <notes> are the child elements of the <employee> element. The constructor of the XElement class accepts a parameter array of content elements. The code supplies four new instances of the XElement class as the second parameter of the main XElement instance. Since the element representing notes can contain CDATA, its value is passed as an instance of the XCData class. The employeeid attribute of the newly created <employee> element is assigned via the SetAttributeValue() method. The SetAttributeValue() method accepts an attribute name and its value as the parameter. If that attribute already exists, the method changes the attribute s value; otherwise, it adds the attribute. The <employee> element is then added to the root element using the Add() method of the XElement class. The Add() method adds the supplied content as the child element of the current element.
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To configure a backup, select System Administration Simple Backup Config. You ll see the Backup Properties dialog box, as shown in Figure 31-2. Using this dialog box, you can choose the files that Simple Backup backs up, as well as when it does so. Once you ve made your changes, click the Save button. This should be done before making a backup. If scheduled backups are set, it s sufficient to save the changes and quit the program. The backup jobs will take place automatically, in the background, at the set times.
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2. Execute the code. You should see the results displayed in Figure 8-50. Notice that the number of records in the CustTemp table before the delete is 5, then after the delete the record count is tentatively set to 0. Finally, after the rollback, it s set back to 5. If we do not issue a ROLLBACK TRAN command in here, we would see 0 records, but other connections would be blocked until we did.
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Figure 2-1. Front page with name, mission, slogan, and footer
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CHAPTER 6: Application Signing and Sandbox
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<servlet> <servlet-name>context</servlet-name> <servlet-class> org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoaderServlet </servlet-class> <load-on-startup>1</load-on-startup> </servlet> The context loader servlet performs exactly the same job as the context loader listener, but you will need to provide a little more information. By default, servlets can start up in any order and if not explicitly requested, the application server is able to use lazy loading to initialize them on demand. Because the context loader servlet needs to be initialized in order to initialize the Spring beans defined by it, you must provide an explicit load-onstartup parameter for the context loader servlet. If a nonzero value is specified here, the application will guarantee that the servlet is started up when the application server is started up. Furthermore, any other servlets using Spring beans have a dependency on this servlet and must therefore be started later. The load-on-startup parameter also dictates the initialization order: the lower the value specified, the earlier in the initialization sequence
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Create new revision: This causes a new revision of the content to be created every time the user executes an update. When revisions are present, an extra tab appears on the content page alongside View and Edit. On this tab, revisions can be viewed or deleted and rollbacks to earlier versions can be executed. This is a powerful feature when combined with moderation, as normal users can submit an updated version of a published node. The revision then goes into the moderation queue, and the previously published version stays visible to the general public. An administrator or a moderator can then review the revision and decide whether to publish or delete it. This is how documentation in the Drupal handbook is maintained on Drupal.org, and is similar to the functionality found in wikis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki). You can set these states individually (if you have the Administer Nodes permission) when you create content, as shown in Figure 2-5, or configure them for each content type, as described in the next section.
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Namespaces are used to allow elements and attributes from different schemas to share names. For example, two schemas may have an element named FirstName. If the schemas did not have different namespaces, BizTalk Server would not know which FirstName you were referencing. In addition to adopting naming standards and conventions for all BizTalk artifacts, you should adopt a standard for namespaces in schemas. An example of a standard is as follows: http://[Company Name].[Project].BizTalk.Schemas.[Schema].[Version] where Company Name is your company name, Project is the name of the project, Schema is the name of the schema, and Version is the version number of the schema.
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Working with Sponsors
// Transform Listeners
private function id3Handler(event:Id3Event):void { this.dispatchEvent(event); }
Configuring the Provider Database
Figure 9-8. Viewing application storage information in the Microsoft Silverlight Configuration window If users want to clear the storage space, they simply need to highlight the site they want to clear data for and click Delete. This will display a confirmation dialog box, as shown in Figure 9-9.
The first step is to sort out which groups of users have access to which collections of content. This is a business-level problem. The next step is to develop Java classes to index each collection of content into a separate Lucene index. Each index should have documents with the same fields, indexed, stored, and tokenized the same way. The indexes should be in separate directories on your file system. After you ve set up your indexes, you will need to create some business logic that determines which indexes a given user has access to. You can then parse the user s query as usual, but instead of using the IndexSearcher class to search the index, use the org.apache.lucene.search.MultiSearcher class to search over a set of indexes. The hits will be aggregated, so you do not need to do anything special with your search results. If you just want to create a federated search across multiple indexes, the MultiSearcher class will work. You will probably have trouble displaying the results and creating links to content if the documents fields are different in the indexes you would just have to write a JSP tag (or another Java class) that displayed the correct search result listing for each different type of document.
<key>authentication_authority</key> <array> <string>;ShadowHash;</string> </array>
CHAPTER 19: Forensics
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