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Figure 5-9. Sorting in the DataGrid
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Initializing Variables
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Network Drivers dialog box. It specifies the name of the driver installed and whether the hardware is installed. If it says the hardware isn t installed, you ve probably selected the wrong .inf file, or might be using the wrong driver file. Return to the previous sections and try to get an alternative Windows driver.
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public Set getVisitedURLs() { synchronized(this.visited) { return new HashSet(this.visited); } }
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This MXML component is based on the Window class. This is a new class that comes with the AIR framework. It makes it very easy to build a native window that contains Flex controls. In this case, the window contains a single image. The code then resizes the window to fit the entire image once the complete image is successfully loaded and the image size is known. When you first launch this from Flash Builder 4, you should see an empty window. You can then drag a few images over it, as shown in Figure 4-8.
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Personalization and User Attributes
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Declaring Class-Level Variables
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APPENDIX B: InfoSec Acceptable Use Policy read barcode 128
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C H A P T E R 10
add translated content to your app to reach new markets. Figure 12 8 shows how the finished application will look. Let s jump into code that will set the stage for our discussion of internationalization of Windows Phone 7 applications. 1. Let s start by creating a new project inside Visual Studio and naming it InternationalizationSample.
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