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4. Now go to the Build menu and click Build Solution; you should see a message indicating a successful build. 5. Press F5 to run the application. Click inside the text box and then press a number or letter key on the keyboard. You will see a message is displayed in the Label control indicating which type of key you pressed.
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<a href="/" onmouseover= "document.<portlet:namespace/>display.src='/images/display_off.jpg';">Home</a>
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In the trenches, we hear it all the time: My web site is hosted on a Mac. How could it be hacked or My web site is too small. Why would anyone want to hack it Although it s true that infiltrating and grabbing personal or business information from your web server might be significant, there are other reasons to break into a web server. For example, hackers want to exploit and control the largest amount of servers in the shortest amount of time, creating zombie systems to do their bidding. Unix-based systems (such as those running Mac OS X) are more capable in many ways than their Windows-based counterparts. Because of this, they are often targeted by botnet creators for use as command-and-control nodes. Also, web servers (running on any platform) are often used as a platform for distributing malware. An obscure niche web site is not safe just because it isn t a household name like Amazon or Facebook. We ve seen time and time again that, although obscurity may seem like a safe haven, in today s modern security landscape it s not enough to fall off a hacker s radar because the main threat is often automated attacks against essentially anonymous web servers. This chapter is devoted to exploring the ways in which you can further secure your Mac OS X web server from intruders. First we ll discuss how to set up web services on a Mac.
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Figure 8-16. The custom prerequisite within Visual Studio 2005
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Figure 10-9. A one-to-many relationship
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Upgrades to your Xsan
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bindProperty() method: The static method is used to bind a public property. bindSetter() method: The static method is used to bind a setter function.
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Try It Out: CAST()/CONVERT()
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s The new VB 9.0 features are specified in Visual Tip
to give your computer.
Once you have scheduled your backups then it s time to consider utility scripts or grooming scripts to keep your backups running lean and mean.
C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v2.0\QuickStart\aspnet\samples\monitoring\ tracing\Images.
Access path: index (equal) Index: T1_I1 TABLE: T1 RSC_CPU: 0 RSC_IO: 3 IX_SEL: 5.0000e-002 TB_SEL: 5.0000e-002 Access path: index (equal) Index: T1_I3 TABLE: T1 RSC_CPU: 0 RSC_IO: 3 IX_SEL: 4.0000e-002 TB_SEL: 4.0000e-002 ******** Bitmap access path accepted ******** Cost: 13 Cost_io: 13 Cost_cpu: 0.000000 Selectivity: 0.002000 Not believed to be index-only. BEST_CST: 12.87 PATH: 20 Degree: 1 With a best cost of 12.87, we can see that our estimate of 12.66 wasn t perfect, but our figures for the index were correct, and our estimate did come pretty close. (The optimizer seems to have allowed a cost of 6.27 rather than 6 for the visit to the table maybe this is where the funny treatment of the db_file_multiblock_read_count appears.) A little detail to note when checking the execution plans that use bitmap and: the indexes seem to be arranged in order of selectivity, so that the most selective (best eliminator) goes first. This is probably echoed down into the execution engine, as it may allow the execution engine to reduce the number of bitmap index fragments it has to expand and compare. In a similar vein, if we execute this: select small_vc from t1 where and ; n2 = 2 n4 = 2 -- one in 20, clustered data -- one in 25, clustered data
CHAPTER 8: Digging in Deep
hen designing and building a website application, the one critical element we all always strive for is to maintain a consistent look and feel across the entire site. Typically this comes in the form of a header, footer, or a navigation bar or section. The .NET Framework 2.0 offers some powerful features to accomplish these items. These features come in the form of master pages, themes, and skins.
As you can see, the ASSM tests (the second and third columns) still show a significant number of blocks with apparent collisions between concurrent processes. For example, in the third column of the table, we see 258 blocks that have been used by two of the data-loading processes. For comparative purposes, I have also reported the results from two tests where I set freelists to 5. In freelists test (a), every single table block was subject to inserts from just one process. This isn t a guaranteed result, though; I just got lucky in that test as each of my five processes happened to pick a separate freelist. In freelists test (b), two processes attached themselves to the same freelist, so they were in a state of permanent collision for the duration of the run. So you can see that a perfectly configured set of freelists can give you absolutely minimal contention on the table blocks during concurrent inserts but it can go persistently wrong. On the other hand, a degree of randomness is introduced by ASSM that means you will hardly ever get perfect avoidance of contention, but the contention you get is more likely to be lower volume and spread over time the fact that all five processes used block X for inserts does not necessarily mean that they were all trying to use it at exactly the same moment. You might note that there also seems to be a small space saving the tests with ASSM used about 20 data blocks fewer than the tests with freelists. This is a side effect of the ASSM insertion algorithm that manages to be a little more cunning and persistent than the insertion algorithm for traditional freelist processing. In my case, though, the saving was offset by the fact that 12 blocks were allocated for level 1 bitmaps (2 per extent), 1 block was allocated for the level 2 bitmap, and an extra 16 blocks at the top of the table had been preformatted and part used. There were actually 754 formatted blocks below the high water mark.
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