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To try out using command parameters, follow these steps: 1. Add a new Visual Basic Console Application project named CommandParameters to your 11 solution. Rename Module1.vb to CommandParameters.vb. 2. Replace the code in CommandParameters.vb with the code in Listing 11-5. This is a variation of Listing 11-4, with salient changes highlighted in bold. web site barcode scanner
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Figure 12 6. Resource file for English -US translation of WP7LaunchParty application
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Understanding the Visual Studio 2008 Web Site Types
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If you want to keep your network and your systems secure, you should be mindful of the methods that potential intruders use and be aware of the attack vectors they will try to use. Take the time to understand the methods that attackers use and apply their techniques to your network, and you ll be better prepared to defend yourself from them.
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CHAPTER 9: Virtualization
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The SELECT Statement
the toolbar.
Returns a read-only IList generic wrapper class, ReadOnlyCollection<T>, for the array. Locates an element in a sorted 1D array. Sets elements of an array to 0, NULL, or false, depending on the element type. Creates a shallow copy of the array.
' Query database Dim custs = _ From c In customers _ Where _ = "USA" _ Select _ c _ Order By _
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