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3 15. Using the Date and Time Functoids
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Listing 6-23. The Action Interface
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RAW mode produces very raw XML. It turns each row in the result set into an XML row
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Tip The Import window can be resized by clicking and dragging its edges. This can be very useful when
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Just as a data row represents a single row in a data table, a data row view (perhaps it would have been better to call it a data view row) represents a single row in a data view. You retrieve the filtered and the sorted column data for each data row view and output it to the console. As this simple example suggests, data views offer a powerful and flexible means of dynamically changing what data you work with in a data table.
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AddressDataTableAdapters.AddressTableAdapter da = new AddressDataTableAdapters.AddressTableAdapter();
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CHAPTER 6: Application Signing and Sandbox
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Create a new MXML application and call it ExplicitDataBinding.mxml. In this application, we will show you an example of explicit data binding.
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Press F5 to run the application. Your results should be similar to these: Gone with the Wind: Gone with the Wind: Gone with the Wind: Gone with the Wind: Press ENTER to exit Available, 58ab51cd-2796-4b32-a7be-21170f1e922b CheckedOut, 64406a94-a6ef-45a7-8373-066f5f991134 Missing, a37186ec-faa7-4e6b-8226-484f17075998 Available, e34d39e5-aafa-4fd3-8000-664809b7e98d
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Portlet Concepts
JFreeChart is an open source Java library that you can use to create charts and graphs. The software package can be found at The library is licensed under the GNU Lesser Public License. We are using version 0.9.17 for the examples in this chapter. You will need the JFreeChart JAR
Creating Custom Filters
Public Sub G Implements ITest.G Console.WriteLine("G in VB") End Sub Public Shared Sub Main Dim Test As ITest = New VBClass With Test .F() .G() End With End Sub 'Main End Class 'VBClass Here is the output of Listing 12-4: F in VB G in VB To minimize problems with cross-language interop, a Common Language Specification (CLS) was created that specifies common constructs across .NET languages that are usable across language boundaries. If you are careful to utilize only those features that are CLS compliant in the publicly visible portions of public types, you can be sure that your code is accessible to C# and VB and any other CLR language that recognizes CLS-compliant types. You can safely use noncompliant features inside the methods of a public type, or in private types, but the public signatures of public types must be CLS compliant for the type to be considered CLS compliant. There are many C++/CLI features that are not CLS compliant. Table 12-1 lists C++/CLI features that are not CLS compliant and suggests alternatives that are.
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