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CHAPTER 8: Malware Security: Combating Viruses, Worm, and Root Kits
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changes to your Web.config file will need to be made to reference the AJAX libraries. A good shortcut is to create a new ASP.NET AJAX application and copy the information from its Web.config file.
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The primary purpose behind most network traffic is for computers to communicate with one another. There are a wide variety of communication paths, or routes, that computers take to do this. And there are different purposes, or roles, for these varied communication paths. One communication path might have the intent of sending printing commands to a printer, while another might need to send an Internet request to an Internet gateway, or router. A network service then communicates with other devices using a structured mechanism for conversing, known as a protocol. For firewalls to manage these various protocols, they use rules. A rule is a set of parameters that enables the firewall to allow or deny access to a protocol on a computer. In networking, there are a variety of protocols. Each comes with a default port assigned to it. Ports are what computers use to sift through the variety of protocol traffic in order to understand what network service the traffic is destined for. Port numbers fall anywhere between 0 and 65,535, and each protocol is assigned a number so that each type of traffic can be handled differently. When communications between computers occur, applications understand how to connect to each other based on the port number and protocol they use. Rules for applications and network services are then built using port numbers or sets of port numbers. Even though it s possible for thousands of different port numbers to be actively in use at one time, most applications use only a few common ports. Fortunately, we usually don t have to keep track of port numbers, because the programs we use to access ports (such as Safari for web browsing or Entourage for reading email) usually standardize the use of port numbers. IANA standardizes the port numbers, but they can be customized. For example, if you access a website, you are probably using HTTP, which uses port 80 as its network port. If you send a friend an e-mail, Mail.app is likely using port 25, because it is the default port for outgoing mail traffic. However, if you were to build a web server that runs over port 8080, such as the one built into many inexpensive routing or firewall devices, you would need to specify that web traffic moves through that port. NOTE: When working with firewalls, you will often need to know about port numbers in order to allow or block certain types of traffic. If you want to allow incoming access for the Web, for example, which would turn your computer into a web server, you would open port 80 on your computer. It s good practice to frequently reference port number tables in order to remember which ports typically work with various protocols. Apple publishes a list of commonly used ports at http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html artnum=106439. Mac OS X also has a file, /etc/services, that lists the port numbers and the protocols that use them. To demonstrate the way the network process structure works, let s look at an essential service of the Mac OS, the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP). AFP is a network communications service that allows the sharing of files between computers. It allows one machine to talk to other machines running AppleFileServer in order for files to move
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Connection: As its name suggests, the Connection class is used to make and manage
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Figure 10-6. Security restrictions prevent sponsors and events.
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CHAPTER 11: Setting Up the Mac OS X Firewall
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A gateway is a device that connects two physical or logical networks. Some gateways mediate between networks that use different base protocols, and some relay traffic
Figure 5 9. Send message configuration
Figure 26-5. The finished database form lets you enter data into the input fields and navigate
Drawing Applications
Once you are comfortable that the work will stand up under scrutiny, then you can move on to building a report. You can use the report to give an overview of the case details to another person within your organization for review. You can access the reporting mechanism of MacForensicsLab using the Write Report option under the File menu. When the Report screen opens, you can select which type of information to include in the report (see Figure 19 19) by clicking the appropriate check boxes. Once you are satisfied with the report contents, click the Start button to run the report.
The Spam module can be configured and trained to detect content of any kind that is considered spam, including comments and node types. The administrator has configuration options that allow the Spam module to automatically unpublish that content and/or notify the administrator. Up to four different mechanisms can be used to identify content as spam: the Bayesian filter, custom filters, URL counting, and the Distributed Server Boycott List.
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