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CHAPTER 2: Directory Services Clients
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As you have seen, properly rendering embedded browser content requires a high degree of cooperation between your app and the rendering engine. Figure 7-4 illustrates one possible sequence of events when you request a page to display. Note that most of the communication occurs between the application and the BrowserContent. Once the initial connection is provided, the remaining events largely occur asynchronously: you do not know exactly when they will occur, and should respond as you can. The BrowserContent drives most of the operations, issuing requests when it needs additional network or processing resources.
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Figure 8-5. Running with Administrator privileges
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Figure 12-7. CR report selection Notice that the two new reports are part of the project now and that a new toolbox called Data Sources is available with our dataset information inside RS. Similarly, a new toolbox called Field Explorer is available with the information needed to design in CR. Now, we re ready to move on to the design phase. Figure 12-8 shows the initial default design layout for RS and CR.
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Here is a minimalist example of streaming a video using OSMF and Flex 4. The URL points to a streaming server. The OVP player will be able to recognize that and provide streaming instead of progressive download.
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the fact, then you will likely end up building custom installers and further complicating the environment. As with choosing a deployment methodology with Mac OS X, you will want to determine what methodology to take with your Windows virtual machine fleet. There are arguments for either side, but typically it is best left to the incumbent methodology being used for your physical Windows desktops, provided you have one. Following the initial installation of the virtual machine and any third party add-ons, you will want to manage the systems similarly. If you have an existing solution in place then it is likely best to continue using it. If not, then consider a solution like Microsoft s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), LANdesk, or other patch management solutions. At a minimum you will likely want to leverage Microsoft s Windows Software Update Server (WSUS) to cache updates to the Microsoft products installed on your virtual machines.
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Refer to the documentation for the .NET Framework or CLI Base Class Library for further information.
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In this chapter, we discussed the origins of RSS and the various available flavors. We introduced you to an RSS browser application and demonstrated how you can incorporate an RSS feed into your portal. Finally, we showed how you can create an RSS feed from your own applications using the RSS4J library. In the next chapter, we will show you how to incorporate search tools into your portlets and applications.
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Managing Resources with More Complex Lifetimes
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Portlet Concepts
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the collection you created:.dataProvider="{body.tweetCollection.collection}"
Note This trigger does have a deliberate bug, which is included so that you can see a little later in this
then Text Input, as shown inFigure 3-16. Save the project as Header.fxp.
5. Next, enter http://www.davidguyer.us in the top edit box, and then click the Add button. This will add the URL to the Web Sites list shown in Figure 9-1. 6. Uncheck the Require Server Verification (https:) for All Sites in This Zone checkbox. 7. Click OK in the Trusted Sites dialog box and the Internet Options dialog box. Now you should be able to install the application without problems. Figure 9-2 shows the application s main window, along with the New Project dialog box. As shown, the application supports two project types: Package Manifest and MSBuild. The Package Manifest option is the facility you are most concerned with because it hides all of the XML in the product and package XML files you saw in the previous chapter. The MSBuild option creates an MSBuild project for a prerequisite package (and will not be discussed in this book).
When setting permissions on your forums, it s a great idea to have a generic user account and a Tip
Flash Security
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