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Note If you alter the Image Assist template to include tags other than <img>, <div>, and <a>, you may
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Cache Settings
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Implementing a TextWriter
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Tip You can use two methods to specify the object that contains the method to be invoked. If the method is in a static class, you can simply specify the TargetType property, as we did in this project. If the class is not static, you have to define the specific instance of that object. The best way to do that is to define a variable of that class type. Then in the TargetObject property, specify that variable name. If there are multiple instances, and you need to control which instance is used, you can set the variable through either an Assign activity or a custom activity prior to executing the InvokeMethod activity. If you specify the TargetObject property, you don t have to specify the TargetType property. datamatrix open
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A Brief Introduction to Data Adapters
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g Figure 11-9. The browser showing the JavaScript method called
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s Note Well-formed XML is an XML document that meets a set of constraints specified by the W3C
Now that you have made the changes, you can run the first versions of your sample. The output doesn t differ from the first version despite the fact that I ve added some additional Console.WriteLine statements to see when and how serialization and deserialization of the Person takes place. Take a look at Figures 8-26, 8-27, and 8-28.
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