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Our code does not need to retain a reference to the thread object, since this will not be manipulated directly, but it does retain a reference to the crawler object, since it will need to access its methods in order to retrieve information and ultimately stop the crawler. When the portlet is eventually unloaded by the container, the destroy() method will be invoked:
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Next, you will enable SSL on the web site by creating a binding of that web site to the https protocol. 5. 6. In the list of sites, click the WP7Server and then click Bindings on the righthand side, as illustrated in Figure 19 4. To create an HTTPS binding for the site, so that traffic to and from the site can be encrypted using SSL, click Add Binding. When the dialog shown in Figure 19 5 comes up, select https type binding and select the wp7cert certificate from the certificates list. This certificate will be used to encrypt traffic between the web site and your Windows Phone 7 client application.
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This produces KittyLexer.fs and KittyParser.fs, which contain the implementations of the parser and lexer. You can test these using F# Interactive by loading the files directly using the #load directive. The following code creates a LexBuffer called lexbuf. It then calls the KittyParser.start entry point for the parser, passing KittyLexer.token as the lexical analysis engine and lexbuf as the LexBuffer. This connects the parser and the lexer: open Ast open KittyParser open KittyLexer let parseText text = let lexbuf = Lexing.LexBuffer<_>.FromString text try KittyParser.start KittyLexer.token lexbuf with e -> let pos = lexbuf.EndPos failwithf "Error near line %d, character %d\n" pos.Line pos.Column You can now test this function interactively: > let sample = "counter := 100; accum := 0; \n\ while counter do \n\ begin \n\ counter := counter - 1; \n\ accum := accum + counter \n\ end; \n\ print accum";; val sample : string = "..." > parseText sample;; val it : Ast.prog = Prog [Assign ("counter",Int 100); Assign ("accum",Int 0); While (Val "counter", Seq [Assign ("counter",Minus (Val "counter",Int 1)); Assign ("accum",Plus (Val "accum",Val "counter"))]); Print Val "accum"] Writing an evaluator for Kitty is straightforward. Here, you use an environment that maps variable names to the integer values they store. As expected, assignments in the source language add a binding for a given variable, and evaluating variables reads a value from this environment. Because of the lack of other types in Kitty, you use a nonzero value for the Boolean true and zero for false and wire the logic of the conditional and looping construct accordingly: let rec evalE (env: Map<string, int>) = function | Val v -> if env.ContainsKey v then env.[v] else failwith ("unbound variable: " + v) | Int i -> i | Plus (e1, e2) -> evalE env e1 + evalE env e2 | Minus (e1, e2) -> evalE env e1 - evalE env e2
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You need to understand how and when to use the Value Mapping and the Value Mapping (Flattening) functoids.
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Then put a check in Share This Folder again.
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If you re using an IDE (PATA) hard disk, type the following to determine the UUID number:
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Once we verify that this command is in our allowedCommands variable, then we launch it in our sandboxed environment. This particular script relies on our profile, which is responsible for securing our preshared key environment. This means restricting file system access to only directories that will be used by backups, so that the backup system itself can be used to overwrite any restrictions.
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Adding New Posts Regularly
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Drag the Customer.MessageID node to the Transaction ID node.
CHAPTER 11: Firmware
PersistLead Extension
You will now need to modify the Page_Load method once again to handle the text boxes instead of the more general input fields. Because you ll be using ASP.NET controls that the server sees and can understand, you don t need to pull the values to add and subtract from the Request.Form array as you did previously. Instead, you simply access each TextBox control s Text property. You can see this in Listing 3-8.
Figure 12-9. Executing a modified stored procedure
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int main() { C^ c = gcnew C(); c->Method1(); c->Method2(); } If you compile this, you should get output similar to the following: obsolete.cpp(16) : warning C4947: 'C::Method1' : marked as obsolete Message: 'This method is obsolete; use Method2 instead.' As you can see, attributes can be used to give a message to anyone who uses a class or method.
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