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When to Use LINQ to XML
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Data Providers As APIs
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P (-P) switch, SQLCmd tool, 62 page directive tracing at page level, 283 Web Forms, 39 Page_Load event/method building first web application, 16 encrypting configurations, 226 updating configurations, 223 Page_PreInit method changing themes programmatically, 210 Panel control, 81 Passport authentication, 245 description, 236 passwordFormat attribute, 248 PasswordRecovery control, 265 passwords ChangePassword control, 266 implementing Forms authentication, 242 path attribute, <forms> element, 240 perfmon command, 307 performance, 307 309 adding performance monitors, 308 advantages of stored procedures, 74 SQL Server Express parameters, 48 performance monitor window, 307 personalization, websites, 189 213 themes, 205 213 user profiles, 202 205 post back events using site navigation classes, 150 precompilation .NET Framework, 300 precompilation for deployment, 300, 304
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CHAPTER 9: Virtualization
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CHAPTER 2: Services, Daemons, and Processes
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In the most stripped-down form, all that you need to display an embedded browser field is to create the BrowserContent, hand it a connection to your web site, and minimally implement the RenderingApplication interface. Listing 7-2 shows a basic class that does just this by displaying the Google home page in the middle of your own screen. By default, the browser Field will fill the entire screen; since this is not what we want, we create a custom Manager that forces the browser to be only half as tall as the screen and slightly narrower. The StatusUpdater class is borrowed from the MediaGrabber app examples, and allows us to watch what is happening behind the scenes as the browser loads.
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public void setProperty(String key, String value) public void addProperty(String key, String value)
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Regardless of the specific debugging techniques you use (and there are about as many methods for debugging as there are programmers), there are a few general principles to keep in mind as you debug your scripts. The first task in any debugging effort is to learn how to consistently reproduce the bug. If it takes more than a few steps to manually trigger the buggy behavior, consider writing a script to trigger it. You will be able to debug much more quickly this way. As you are debugging, you will want to progressively narrow your scope. In many cases, this involves eliminating half the possibilities at each stage of troubleshooting. Analysis is the thoughtful consideration of a bug's likely point of origin, based on detailed knowledge of the code base. In practice, you will probably use a combination of analysis and sheer brute force. A preliminary analysis will isolate the area of your code that is most likely to contain a given bug and then reviewing all of the code within that area will often help to locate it precisely. Use debuggers, but don t spend an extended period of time getting the debuggers to work. Often, you step through a piece of code, statement by statement, only to find that you accidentally fixed the problem. Stepping through the code is invaluable as the more times you go through it, the more streamlined and commented it tends to become. Becoming more in tune with your code in this way can help to make you a better programmer. If you are attempting to write scripts just for simple admin purposes and don t wish to spend a lot of time debugging, use a search engine and see if the specific portion of your script has been written before. In the course of writing this book, we found many of our scripts in an almost identical state on the web. In some cases, there are a finite number of ways of writing a script and if someone else has found the way to get the script to work, then learn from their work and build on it. When trying to isolate a bug, you often want to change only one thing at a time. Debugging is a process where you make changes to code and then test to see if you've fixed a bug. Then you make another change, test again, and so on until the bug is fixed. At each iteration, make sure to change only one thing so that when the bug is fixed, you will know exactly what caused it. If you change several things at once, you risk including unnecessary changes in your fix, which may in some cases cause bugs themselves.
Type Parameters
Figure 14-4. First operation rolled back
N-Tier Architecture
The Ubuntu DVD-ROM seems to boot into the Ubuntu installer program, but then the screen goes blank, and my monitor flashes an error along the lines of Cannot display this mode or Out of mode. (This problem might affect users of widescreen monitors in particular.)
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