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To get started, you first fire up Visual Studio Express 2010 and create a project. 1. To launch Visual Studio 2010 Express, select Windows Start All Programs Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone. Create a new project by selecting File New Project on the Visual Studio menu, as shown in Figure 2 1.
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How It Works
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' Create connection Dim conn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(connString) Try ' Open connection conn.Open() ' Create command Dim cmd As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(sql, conn) ' Create data reader Dim rdr As SqlDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader() ' Loop through result set While rdr.Read Console.WriteLine("" & rdr(0)) End While ' Close data reader rdr.Close() Catch e As Exception ' Display error Console.WriteLine("Error: " & e.ToString) Finally ' Close connection conn.Close() End Try End Sub End Module
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The initParams Property
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Removing Unused Software
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Figure 7-13. Options for attaching a database
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ActivatedServiceTypeEntry Class
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Saving Only the Schema
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Namespaces from the F# Libraries
Note As a blanket rule, an installation package created for one distribution won t be compatible with
Figure 3-5. Completed connection That s how you establish the connections between two activities. Hover over the predecessor until you see the connection points, click one, drag the mouse to the successor until you see its connection points, and let the mouse button up.
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//for the root and any paths right beneath it. if (path.lastIndexOf('/') == path.indexOf('/', 1)) { return path; } //our paths have a trailing slash int trailingSlashIndex = path.lastIndexOf('/'); String cleanedPath = path.substring(0, trailingSlashIndex); int lastSlashIndex = cleanedPath.lastIndexOf('/'); String parentPath = cleanedPath.substring(0, lastSlashIndex + 1); System.out.println("parent path: " + parentPath); return parentPath; } protected String fixPath(String path) { if (!path.startsWith("/")) { path = resource.getPath() + "/" + path; } //clean up any double slashes path = path.replaceAll("//", "/"); return path; } public WebdavResource getResource() { return resource; } }
A Message object is generated by a special MessageSink (the ChannelSink) and passed through a chain of MessageSinks. When received by the Dispatcher, it will be translated into a method call on the server-side.
<my:DataGrid x:Name="grid" Margin="10" AutoGenerateColumns="False"> <my:DataGrid.Columns> <my:DataGridTextColumn Header="Name" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Name}" /> </my:DataGrid.Columns> </my:DataGrid>
To turn the reported Total CPU sort cost into standard units, we divide by 5,000,000 (the 500 MHz * 10,000 microsecond sreadtim) to get Cost of join = 2,517 + 5,018,650 / 5,000,000 + 631 + 5,033,608 / 5,000,000 = 3,148 + 2 and a bit. You can see at the end of the following section that the actual cost quoted for the merge is 3,151, which compares well with the 3,150 plus a bit that I have just calculated. Since I can t guarantee the timing, or direction, of rounding used, I can t be certain whether the difference of one is due to rounding, or to a small cost that is directly attributable to the merge operation itself. SM Join Outer table: resc: 2517 cdn: 68 rcz: 27 deg: 1 resp: 2517 Inner table: PARENT Alias: P resc: 631 cdn: 110 rcz: 27 deg: 1 resp: 631 using join:1 distribution:2 #groups:1 SORT resource Sort statistics Sort width: 58 Area size: 208896 Max Area size: Degree: 1 Blocks to Sort: 1 Row size: 40 Total Rows: Initial runs: 1 Merge passes: 0 IO Cost / pass: Total IO sort cost: 0 Total CPU sort cost: 5018650 Total Temp space used: 0 SORT resource Sort statistics Sort width: 58 Area size: 208896 Max Area size: Degree: 1 Blocks to Sort: 1 Row size: 40 Total Rows: Initial runs: 1 Merge passes: 0 IO Cost / pass: Total IO sort cost: 0 Total CPU sort cost: 5033608 Total Temp space used: 0 Merge join Cost: 3151 Resp: 3151
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