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A relationship in a SQL Server database is a logical link between two tables. It is impossible to have a physical link; although, as you will see later, a physical line is drawn between two tables when designing the database. To have a physical link would mean the actual data linking the two tables would be stored only once in a central location, and that information within the keys linking the tables would be stored more than once, which is just not the case. When defining a logical relationship, we re informing SQL Server that we ll be linking a primary key from the master table to a foreign key in another table. So already there is a need for two keys: one on each table. The following sections present specific details about relationships, starting with a look at how relationships work with the concept of referential integrity.
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Enhancing the Portlet
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External DTDs are stored in separate files, usually with the .dtd extension. The DTD is then linked to the XML document by using a <!DOCTYPE> declaration. Listing 5-10 shows how this is done. Listing 5-10. External DTD < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <!DOCTYPE employees SYSTEM "employees.dtd"> <employees> <employee employeeid="1"> <firstname>Nancy</firstname> <lastname>Davolio</lastname> ... When attaching an external DTD, the <!DOCTYPE> declaration is immediately followed by the name of the root element of the XML document (employees in our case). The SYSTEM declaration is followed by the URL of the DTD file. In the preceding example, it is assumed that the DTD resides in a file named employees.dtd.
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Figure 3-22. AIR application shows search results
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Giving others access to files on your computer can be risky on many levels. First, you risk someone obtaining access to the system who shouldn t. For example, when a file is remotely deleted from your system, the file does not go to the trash, you do not get alerted about the deletion, and anyone who knows the right password typically can delete files. If the wrong folders on a system are shared, you can also give someone the ability to delete critical files, whether intentionally or not. For all of these reasons, and with the risks of confidential data being accessed over file-sharing protocols, you need to properly lock down the security of any file sharing on your systems. In 3, we discussed creating a limited Sharing Only account. This was added into Mac OS X Leopard for this very reason, and when creating accounts solely to give access to files, we recommend using this account type versus any other.
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only been 45 minutes, so you can expect to wait another two hours at least, if everything goes well. They still may leave your cube unhappy, but you cannot really control how they will feel. All you can control is getting the restore done, and in a timely manner.
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Users are also able to view and manage calendars through the OS X server s web services, provided it is enabled. To do so, simply turn on Calendar Services through the web pane of Server Preferences, as seen in Figure 5-20. The web interface, also shown in Figure 5-20, allows users full read and write access to their calendars, and enables them to create new calendars, schedule events and send invites, and view free/busy schedules. Notable limitations include the inability to access delegated calendars, todos do not register, nor can you attach files to events.
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The highlight of the code in this report project is the delivery of the report to the FTP site. FTP sites can be securely accessible with a user ID and password; anonymous access is also widely used where security is not a major concern. For this example, we re using a local FTP site (ftp://localhost) with anonymous access. You can access FTP site configuration on a Windows XP machine from Start Control Panel Administrative Tools Internet Information Services. FTP site properties are accessed by right-clicking Default FTP Site. You can get more information on how to work with FTP sites here: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/6ws081sa(VS.80).aspx You may also notice that I ve set the local path to C:\ftpdata. The report will produce . output.pdf and transfer it to C:\ftpdata using FTP See Figure 7-18 to for graphical presentation of accessing a local FTP site.
Figure 14-6. The report designer after adding the list and its text boxes You re probably wondering where the pie chart is. Well, in the next section we are going to add the pie chart. First, let s properly set all properties of the text boxes inside list1. Please make sure all text box values match those in Table 14-4.
The quickest way to add icons and functions to any toolbar is to click the two small arrows at the right of a toolbar and select the Visible Buttons entry on the menu that appears. This will present a list of currently visible icons and functions, along with those that might prove useful on that toolbar but are currently hidden. Any option already visible will have a check next to it. Additionally, you can add practically any function to a toolbar, including the options from the main menus and many more than those that are ordinarily visible. Here are the steps:
Visual Studio automatically created an app.config file that contains the connection string. Open the app.config file and change the Name attribute to LeadGenerator. The file should look like this (the modified line is shown in bold): < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <configuration> <configSections> </configSections> <connectionStrings> <add name="LeadGenerator" connectionString= "Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=11;Integrated Security=True" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" /> </connectionStrings> </configuration> Open the AddLead.xaml.cs file and add the following class member, which will be used to hold the connection string: private string _connectionString = ""; Add the following method to handle the Loaded event. This code reads the app.config file and obtains the connection string: private void Window_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { // Open the config file and get the connection string Configuration config = ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration (ConfigurationUserLevel.None); ConnectionStringsSection css = (ConnectionStringsSection)config.GetSection("connectionStrings"); _connectionString = css.ConnectionStrings["LeadGenerator"].ConnectionString; }
s Note The Anchor property has very interesting behaviors; you can try setting this property in various
following settings. Access gateway: controls whether you are using an access gateway. Gateway type: only Standard Edition is supported as of the writing of this book. Gateway authentication: allows you to select No Authentication, Domain Only, RSA SecurID Only, or Domain + RSA SecurID authentication. Citrix has published a fair amount of information regarding iPhone support, and will likely continue to publish more as the product matures at http:// community.citrix.com/iphone.
Figure 3 43. Creating the logical operator Only large sales should appear under the <BigSales> element in the destination message, so the logical condition will check if the Amount in the source message is greater than 1,000. The following steps define the logical operation that determines mapping actions, as shown in Figure 3 44. 1. 2. Drag a Greater Than functoid from the Logical Functoids tab of the toolbox onto the map surface. Select the Amount field of the input message. Drag the cursor over the Greater Than functoid while pressing the mouse button to establish the first comparison value. Right-click the functoid on the map surface, and select Properties. In the Properties window, click the Input Parameters field, and select the ellipsis that appears. Define the constant value in the Configure Functoid Inputs dialog box.
Web 2.0 is a huge change from Web 1.0 for two main reasons: the emphasis on community and the emphasis on services. Successful sites like YouTube, Twitter, Salesforce, and others emphasize both of these. They use the Web to build communities around content and then use services to distribute the content outside of the walls of their sites. In this chapter, you will use Flex in combination with these sites and services to learn how to connect and interact with them at the API level.
Note A variable is the method Linux uses to remember things like names, directory paths, or other data. There are many system variables that are vital for the running of Ubuntu. These variables can be seen by typing set at the command prompt.
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