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IClientChannelSink HttpClientTransportSink
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Note ClamAV is actually primarily designed to be used in concert with a mail server and to scan incoming
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True SSO is the term we will adopt for the perfect solution. In this scenario, your user enters a username and password only once when logging in to the portal. Problems with this approach arise when legacy systems are involved. Most of our examples will discuss using Kerberos to manage authentication between the portals and external services, but this is a relatively new protocol. Older systems can be difficult or expensive to update to accommodate Kerberos or another standard SSO technology.
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CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
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' Fill dataset da.Fill(ds, "products")
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As this simple but representative example shows, the server controls on a given page are in constant contact with the server: they catch events and pass them onto the server where they re handled and responded to accordingly. Page events occur when a page is requested from the server, via either the GET (the first time) or POST (when data is posted to the page) HTTP methods. For instance, there are events for page initialization (PreInit, Init), page loading (Load), rendering (Render), and so on. These page events are always handled in a given order as defined by the ASP.NET page life cycle (see the sidebar The ASP.NET Page Life Cycle ). Although you can programmatically bind a delegate to a given page event, ASP.NET makes it even easier. As you saw it in Listing 14-5, you can add page event handlers by declaring members of the form Page_XXX, where XXX is the name of the page event. This works because by default, the AutoEventWireup page attribute is true, and this causes wiring of the intended event handler (using this naming convention) to the appropriate event automatically. Control events are triggered by the end user: clicking a button, selecting an item in a list box, and so on. Unlike page events, control events can t be automatically wired, and thus you need to establish the link between the handler and the event manually. This is quite easy to do: set the OnXXX attribute of the server control to the event handler, as you did with the Reload button in the first example. Not all control events are immediately posted back to the server; only a few are, such as button clicks. All other control events are so-called change events (because they re triggered as a control undergoes some changes: the selected item in a drop-down list changes, or a check box or radio button is selected) and as such aren t posted to the server automatically for efficiency reasons. You can, on the other hand, enable postback in such situations by overriding the control s AutoPostBack property to true. This technique can be useful; for instance, a page can respond directly to a change in a dropdown list without the end user having to click a submit button, thus saving valuable clicks and time in the appropriate situations.
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Figure 10-13. The variables list In the Properties window, for the ServiceContract property, replace the IService contract with Book. For the OperationName, enter LookupBook2.
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CPU Cost
Understanding .NET Types
At any time you have a Player object, you can call close() to shut it down. This will release all scarce resources and make it unavailable for further operations. Alternately, you can call the deallocate() method. This will return it to the REALIZED state unless it
It then creates a new crawler object, and invokes it on a background thread:
The phpBB install script is located in the /install subdirectory where phpBB is installed. Get your database information from your host handy, open a web browser, and navigate to the following URL (making the appropriate substitutions for your domain name and path to phpBB): www.yourserver.com/yourphpBBpath/install/install.php When you arrive at install.php, you will be presented with the form shown in Figure 8-1.
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