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9 1. Exporting Applications
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If you cannot find a theme that matches your requirements, you could create your own, but that s not a trivial task. Rather than create a new theme from scratch, it is often quicker to take an existing theme similar to what you want and modify it, assuming the license allows that. This is the approach I describe here. First, let s look at the components of a theme.
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Explicit Interface Implementation
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Figure 16 6. Choosing an SSL certificate
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Sending a private message is just like making a post on the forum, with a few important differences. As you can see in Figure 9-13, a Username field is added to the standard post form. You can enter the username of the user you wish to send the message to, or click the Find a username button, which opens a window in which you can perform wildcard searches to get the name exactly right. After entering the name, you can enter your message. All the standard formatting and smiley controls apply. Formatting rules are consistent with the rules for posting on the forum at large. You can preview your private message. When you re ready, click Submit to send the message.
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Because MediaGrabber is ultimately an entertainment application, this approach makes sense. If your app is designed to provide more low-level capabilities or doesn t contain a UI component, you ll probably want to ask for permissions almost immediately.
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// Get the response stream use reader = new StreamReader(response.GetResponseStream()) // Read the response stream (note: a synchronous read) return reader.ReadToEnd() } // Compute the links, synchronously let links = getLinks html // Report, synchronously do printfn "finished reading %s, got %d links" url (List.length links) // We're done return links } /// 'urlCollector' is a single agent that receives URLs as messages. It creates new /// asynchronous tasks that post messages back to this object. let urlCollector = MailboxProcessor.Start(fun self -> // This is the main state of the urlCollector let rec waitForUrl (visited : Set<string>) = async { // Check the limit if visited.Count < limit then // Wait for a URL... let! url = self.Receive() if not (visited.Contains(url)) then // Start off a new task for the new url. Each collects // links and posts them back to the urlCollector. do! Async.StartChild (async { let! links = collectLinks url for link in links do self.Post link }) |> Async.Ignore // Recurse into the waiting state return! waitForUrl(visited.Add(url)) } // This is the initial state. waitForUrl(Set.empty)) You can initiate a web crawl from a particular URL as follows: > urlCollector <-- "http://news.google.com";; finished reading http://news.google.com, got 191 links finished reading http://news.google.com/ output=rss, got 0 links finished reading http://www.ktvu.com/politics/13732578/detail.html, got 14 links finished reading http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/art..., got 218 links finished reading http://www.newsobserver.com/politics/story/646..., got 56 links finished reading http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,290307,0...l, got 22 links ...
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Note You can leave the Port field empty unless you are specifying an already created SQL send or receive port.
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Include If NOT EXISTS: If you select all the objects to be scripted and set this to true, SQL Server will put a test around each object so that if that object already is in the database when the script is run, it won t be created. There will be no test for specific columns when scripting a table, but there will be a test for the table itself. Script Behavior: You can generate a script for creating items or dropping items. Script Collation: If you wish the SQL Server collation to be scripted, enable this option. Useful if you are unsure of the collation the script will then be run against. Script Database Create: This specifies whether you wish a CREATE DATABASE statement to be scripted or not. Script Defaults: We have some default values that will be set on columns when rows are added. Setting this to true will set these defaults. Script Extended Properties: Extra properties can be placed on every SQL Server object. These will be scripted if you select true. Script Logins: This scripts all Windows and SQL Server authentication logins. Script Object-Level Permissions: Each object will have permissions on who can do what. For example, on a table, permissions on who can add, delete, or select the data can be set up. This option will include these options. Script Owner: This scripts the owner of the database if specified. Script Statistics: This specifies whether to script the SQL Server column and index statistics. It avoids rebuilding them when re-creating the database using the script; however, it will increase the time taken to build the script as well as the size of the script. Script USE DATABASE: Between each object, this specifies whether to script a USE database statement or not. Ideal if used with scripting-dependent objects. Script Check Constraints: This will script check constraints. Script Foreign Keys: Any foreign keys will be scripted. Script Full-Text Indexes: If you have any full-text indexes, this indicates whether you want to script them or not. Script Indexes: This specifies whether to script table and view indexes. Script Primary Keys: This dictates whether to script primary keys or not. Script Triggers: For any trigger, this specifies whether you wish these to be within the script. Script Unique Keys: Any unique keys will be scripted. This concludes our look at the different methods of backing up, restoring, moving, and scripting databases. While this covers every way of ensuring your database structure and data should never be lost, you still need to maintain the database on a regular basis. This is what we will take a look at in the next section of this chapter.
Decorate with ANSI
In some cases, you may want your script to run only once and then remove all traces that it ever existed on a system. In such cases, you can actually have the script delete itself. Because the entire script is loaded into memory, this won t affect the operation of the script s code, the file will just disappear after execution. This can be very handy if you have sensitive data in the script. For instance, a bind script will likely contain a password and it would be undesirable to leave that sitting around on every machine in the fleet, even if the credentials have extremely limited access. To remove a script when it is complete, you can just put the following line at the very end of the script:
Kerberising Services
Deployment.Current.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(() => lblStatus.Text = ex.Message); Deployment.Current.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(() => btnQuit.Visibility=System.Windows.Visibility.Visible); Deployment.Current.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(() => btnRetry.Visibility = System.Windows.Visibility.Visible); } ); } This walkthrough illustrates one approach to handling connection issues on Windows Phone 7 devices: you specify a timeout period, and if you don t get a response within that period, you prompt the user to retry or to quit.
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