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CHAPTER 6: Mass Deployment
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public RemotingService() { this.ServiceName = SVC_NAME; } static void Main() { evt.Source = SVC_NAME; evt.WriteEntry("Remoting Service intializing"); ServiceBase.Run(new RemotingService()); } protected override void OnStart(string[] args) { evt.WriteEntry("Remoting Service started"); String filename = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ConfigurationFile; RemotingConfiguration.Configure(filename); } protected override void OnStop() { evt.WriteEntry("Remoting Service stopped"); } } } In two separate classes, you ll then provide the implementation of the MarshalByRefObject CustomerManager and an installer, following the preceding sample. When this program is run in the IDE, you ll see the biggest disadvantage to developing Windows services, the message box that will pop up, telling you that you won t get automatic debugging support from Visual Studio .NET IDE (see Figure 4-12).
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The Query Execution node contains options that affect your T-SQL code. You can change the environment in which you write T-SQL and how SSMS interacts with SQL Server when running T-SQL.
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Singleton Objects Only one instance of a Singleton object can exist at any given time. When receiving a client s request, the server checks its internal tables to see if an instance of this class already exists; if not, this object will be created and stored in the table. After this check the method will be executed. The server guarantees that there will be exactly one or no instance available at a given time.
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Figure 9-3. New package manifest project UI
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The portlet.xml file for the simple portlet follows:
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Figure 16-4. The different stretch modes for the ImageBrush
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Here the first line gives the name for the module defined by the file. The namespace is Acme.Widgets, the module name is WidgetWheels, and the full path to the value is Acme.Widgets.WidgetWheels.wheelCornerCount.
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A Custom CSS File
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An analyzer uses a set of rules to turn freeform text into tokens for text processing. Lucene comes with several analyzers: StandardAnalyzer, StopAnalyzer, GermanAnalyzer, and RussianAnalyzer, among others. The analyzers are in the org.apache.lucene.analysis package and its subpackages. Each analyzer will process text differently. Lucene uses these analyzers for two purposes: to create the index and to query the index. When you add a document to Lucene s index, Lucene will use an analyzer to process the text for any fields that are tokenized (unstored and text).
Figure 1-15. Layers within a client-server architecture
: ('T -> 'U -> 'T) -> 'T -> 'U[] -> 'T : ('T -> 'U -> 'U) -> 'T[] -> 'U -> 'U
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