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Transferring Files Between Remote Computers
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IEnvoyInfo Interface
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The web service provides a set of programmatic interfaces that allow communication with the report server. It is required for on-demand delivery and for the use of client tools like Report Manager, Report Builder, or SQL Server Management Studio.
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And there you go you now have a database (see Figure 3 9) that should look just like the database that went offline for whatever reason. Well, close enough to the database that went offline. I mean, how often are you doing those transaction log backups Every minute Five minutes Ten Fifteen
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Deploying Configurations
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.net datamatrix
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Note Version 4 of CLR introduced a new set of tools for .NET. You must pay attention to which version you re
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Figure 6 24. Configuring the SQL stored procedure orchestration 10. Build and deploy your BizTalk solution.
Now that you know what an index is and you have an understanding of the various types of indexes, let s proceed to create some in SQL Server. There are many different ways to create indexes within SQL Server, as you might expect. Those various methods are the focus of this section of the chapter, starting with how to use the table designer in SQL Server Management Studio. The first index we ll place into the database will be on the CustomerId field within the CustomerDetails.Customers table.
s Note The information_schema.tables view (a named query) is compatible with the SQL standard
The next section, Email, allows for the configuration of non-ActiveSync-based email accounts. Skip to the Exchange section if you have no IMAP/POP based email accounts to configure. Otherwise, click configure to configure the email section, and enter the appropriate information into the following fields (and as shown in Figure 10-19):
When you view your /home directory via Nautilus, you re not seeing every file that s there. Several hidden files and directories relating to your system configuration also exist. You can take a look at them by clicking View Show Hidden Files in the Nautilus menu. Clicking this option again will hide the files and directories. You might notice something curious about the hidden items: they all have a period before their filenames. In fact, this is all that s needed to hide any file or directory: simply place a period at the front of the filename. There s no magic involved above and beyond this. For example, to hide the file partypicture.jpg, you could simply right-click it and rename it .partypicture.jpg. You ll need to click the Reload button on the toolbar for the file view to be updated and for the file to disappear. As you might expect, removing the period will unhide the file. Files are usually hidden for a reason, and it s no coincidence that most of the hidden files are system files. In addition, every program that you install, or installed by default, will usually create its own hidden folder for its system configuration data. Deleting such files by accident will usually result in losing your personal settings for that particular program.
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