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You first saw how exception handling is done in C++/CLI, along with the .NET Framework exceptions. Then you used the finally block, created your own exception class, and examined what happens when exceptions are thrown in constructors. You learned how to use exceptions not based on the Exception class and reviewed exception-handling best practices. You then looked at the syntax for applying attributes to various targets, examined the Attribute class, and learned about some useful CLI attributes, including the Out parameter attribute, the Obsolete attribute, serialization attributes, and so on. You also saw how to define your own attributes. Finally, you examined reflection, the .NET Framework feature that allows you to query for type information at runtime, and looked briefly at application domains. In the next chapter, you ll study parameterized functions and types.
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Defining the Workflow Activities
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Table 13-6. The Set Operators in SQL
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The CREATE PROCEDURE statement creates stored procedures. The AS keyword separates the signature (the procedure s name and parameter list, but here you define no parameters) of the stored procedure from its body (the SQL that makes up the procedure):
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Get Prepared
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CommonID is not provided, the method will return a new CommonID Instance.
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Note Distributing the implementation to the client is not only a bad choice due to deployment issues, it
Visual C++ 2005 Compilation Modes
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