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The write-permissions category allows users to create and modify file data, including file metadata stored via extended attributes. There are six specific write permissions: Write Attributes: This permission allows a user to change a file s attribute data. Write Ext Attributes: Granting this right lets a user edit files and folders extended attribute data (extra information about a file s traits) as well as create new entries in that data. You ll rarely want to make such data user accessible, though. Software behind the scenes usually manipulates this data. Write/Add Files: The Write and Add File privileges are analogous when applied to a file or directory. Like the search/execute, the two different terms exist solely to illustrate the functional difference when applied to a directory versus a file. When applied to a directory, the add_file privilege serves as a subset of the POSIX directory write capability. The key difference is that, unlike the POSIX write capability, the add_file permission does not grant the ability to delete a file or create
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Typical File Extensions
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The portlet s XML descriptor is the first place to consider for placing configuration information, which is unlikely to vary between platforms for your portlet. This allows you to recommend values for the name of the portlet, keywords to associate with it, and user preferences. User preferences are a particularly important resource, as we will discuss in a moment. Here s the portlet.xml file to configure the YAZD portlet application:
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to build an application that generates dynamic pages. Because Java is a cross-platform language, the platform on which the code ran no longer mattered, and server-side Java, called servlets, became an effective replacement for CGI. But the problem of generating HTML still existed. In these applications, string management, or printf statements, were used to write HTML, leading to ugly and onerous code. In another approach, HTML defined the output, and special extension tags instructed the server to do something when it reached those tags and fill in the placeholders. The code would look like the pseudocode here:
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Individual task open for editing List of tasks Video recorder Video section of Media app
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Note Make sure to change the database connection string to match your development environment
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the operation will fail. In this case, the FileVault conversion will only successfully finish if at least 20GB of space is available. Bear in mind that this conversion will only temporarily occupy this space: once the users unencrypted data is removed from the volume, available space on the volume will be comparable to that before the operation took place. When enabling FileVault, the user is also given the opportunity to perform a secure erase of the existing, unencrypted home directory data (as shown in the picture above). With this option selected, the system will not only delete the existing home directory and its files from the disk, but it will also overwrite the contents of the data on the disk, preventing or at least reducing, the possibility of recovery of the data. When FileVault is enabled for a user, a few small changes are made to their directory information. OS X utilizes a few attributes in a user record that specifies the location of the user s home directory. For a normal, local user, this is limited to the NFSHomeDirectory attribute, which contains a simple path to the home directory, consider the output of the command dscl . read /Users/hunterbj | grep i home :
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What happens in the first bit of code is that the external functions are only defined at all if the compiler variable _SERIAL_ is not defined. You use _SERIAL_ to define the file it is in as the serial source file. Then you include the SERIAL.H file exactly the same way no matter where it is needed. Because the compiler variable is only defined in the SERIAL.C, or serial source file, that s the only place the functions are not declared externally. That s good because this is the source file where they are declared by definition locally. In all other files, including the SERIAL.H, files declare the functions externally so you can use them and the linker makes all the connections when you build the code.
In an effort to simplify the binding process, Apple allows you to bind to both Open and Active Directory servers from this initial screen. Keep in mind that using this screen will only allow you to bind and not configure granular settings within either of the plug-ins, though this can be done at a later time, if necessary. To bind using a screen that allows you to configure more granular settings, click on Open Directory Utility and then click on Services in the upper-left hand corner of the screen, as you can see in Figure 3-3.
Automating Team Build
A .NET Framework exception contains useful information that captures information about what triggered the exception and how to address the problem. For example, the exception source is stored as a string in the Source property; a text representation of the call stack is included in the form of the StackTrace property; and there s a Message property, which contains a message suitable for display to a user. It s use is demonstrated in Listing 10-2.
For the remaining features that you ll add, the built-in activities must be able to find an item in the collection. They do this by iterating through the objects in the collection, calling their Equals() method until one returns True. The default implementation of the Equals() method in the base Object class compares the object references to determine equality. For our purposes, we want to consider two items equal if they have the same description. Open the Program.cs file and add two methods shown in Listing 18-5 to the ListItem class. Listing 18-5. Adding the Equals() Method public override bool Equals(object obj) { ListItem i = obj as ListItem;
Figure 6-4. The <supports> XML Schema
Figure 1-9. Setting a debug breakpoint in Eclipse
In the Sharing preference pane, you can also select what level of access other users have to your system. The Remote Management panel also lets you select what level of access a user should be given by clicking the Options button. Check the boxes (see Figure 15 6) for the appropriate level of access you want to grant. Remember that for every user, only the minimum required level of access should be given. For example, if you want the ARD to be used to build reports on a machine only, then you would click the Generate reports box and nothing else.
In this chapter, we discussed the various tools and facilities that are provided in OS 10.6 to allow for the management and provisioning of data access provided through the file system. You should have a good fundamental understanding of both POSIX and ACL permissions schemes, and should have enough knowledge to apply them for use in your collaborative environment. We also discussed using the mtree tool for auditing file system permissions and structures to help guarantee system integrity and peace-of-mind. In the next chapter, we will discuss various logging facilities that can be used for tracking historic data, useful in forensics and non-repudiation.
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