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In the constructor, you will be adding event handlers for the service calls. GetNotesCompleted will return all the user notes. AddNote, UpdateNote, and DeleteNote will add, update, and delete the note and return successfully if no error occurs, otherwise the error will be reported back to the callbacks. In the constructor ServiceClient, web service proxy, will be initialized and the RebindData method that makes the call to the GetNotes method will populate the Notes property. private NotepadViewModel() { _svc = new ServiceClient(); _svc.GetNotesCompleted += new EventHandler<GetNotesCompletedEventArgs>(_svc_GetNotesCompleted); _svc.AddNoteCompleted += new EventHandler<AddNoteCompletedEventArgs>(_svc_AddNoteCompleted); _svc.UpdateNoteCompleted += new EventHandler<AsyncCompletedEventArgs>(_svc_UpdateNoteCompleted); _svc.AddUserCompleted += new EventHandler<AddUserCompletedEventArgs>(_svc_AddUserCompleted); _svc.DeleteNoteCompleted += new EventHandler<AsyncCompletedEventArgs>(_svc_DeleteNoteCompleted); if (this.NeedUserId) { this.Notes = new ObservableCollection<NoteDto>(); } else { this.RebindData(); } } // To rebind the data GetNotes will be called to retrieve // all the user notes and resetting Notes value. public void RebindData() { _svc.GetNotesAsync(this.UserId); }
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Encryption Algorithm: Specifies the algorithm used to encrypt messages as they are written to the destination queue. The available values are RC2, RC4, and None. This property results in the Message.UseEncryption and Message.EncryptionAlgorithm properties being set. Body Type: Specifies the body type of MSMQ messages written to the destination queue. Maximum Message Size (in kilobytes): Specifies the maximum size of the message batch to be delivered to the destination queue. The MSMQ adapter will fill the batch with messages from the MessageBox until this setting is reached. Message Priority: Specifies the priority for delivering messages. This setting is relative to the other send ports within your BizTalk environment. To nullify the functionality of this property, set the priority on all the send ports in your environment to the same value. Recoverable: Specifies whether messages will be recoverable if errors are encountered during the delivery to the destination queue. When this value is set to True, messages are persisted to disk in between being pulled from the MessageBox and delivered to the destination queue. If errors occur during delivery, messages can be recovered from the disk. Support Segmentation: Specifies whether the adapter allows large messages (larger than 4MB) to be segmented. This property should be set to True if you have implemented the large message extension if the adapter attempts to deliver a message larger than 4MB and this property is set to False, an error is thrown and the message is not delivered. Timeout: Specifies the timeout value for which messages must be delivered (combined with the Timeout Unit property). This value applies only when the Transaction property is set to True. The MSMQ adapter treats messages not delivered within the specified timeout period as error scenarios. Timeout Unit: Specifies the timeout unit for which messages must be delivered (combined with the Timeout property). The available values for this property are Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. Use Journal Queue: Specifies whether messages will be copied to the journal queue.
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Else Response.Write("Invalid Login!") End If End Sub Here the FormsAuthentication.Authenticate() method will verify the credentials within the web.con g le, and, if successful, the following code will execute; otherwise, an invalid message is written to the browser. FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage(textUsername.Text, False) This code, when executed, will assume that the credentials are validated successfully and redirect the user to the originally requested web page. Let s take a look at how it works when running the web application. Because the startup web page is the Home.aspx page, you ll see that the following URL is displayed in the browser when the login page is displayed: http://localhost:3194/ CH11FormsAuthentication/login.aspx ReturnUrl=%2fCH11FormsAuthentication% 2fHome.aspx. Notice that the querystring refers to the Home.aspx Web Form: ... ReturnUrl=%2fCH11FormsAuthentication%2fHome.aspx. If authenticated, the browser will redirect to the originally requested page. When looking at the login page, you need to supply the credentials (Figure 11-2).
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The Watch window is used to evaluate variables and expressions within the code, and it also has the ability to maintain the results. When viewing the Watch window, three different columns present information: Name, Value, and Type, which you can see in Figure 12-12. In the Name column, any valid expression can be typed in to gain more information. The Value column displays the evaluation of the expression or variable corresponding to that in the Name column. Last, the Type column exhibits what kind of data type the variable or expression is. After running the code and encountering a breakpoint, to open the Watch window, click on the Debug menu item, choose Windows, and select the Watch menu item. You will continue to use the same code and keep the breakpoint inserted at the same line of code. Figure 12-12 shows you what the Watch window will look like.
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Show only accessible volumes: With this option turned on, users that
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protected function creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void {
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The next step in the setup script is to edit your hosts file. Internet Explorer matches the domain name in the browser address bar to that in your certificate. If they don t match, you get the errors in Figures 10-9 and 10-10. When you are setting up a development environment, you will of course be hosting the applications on localhost, which doesn t match the certificates but Windows provides a methodology to allow you to map IP addresses to domain names (taking a bypass around the DNS): the hosts file. This file, found in Windows\System32\drivers\etc, is just called hosts (no extension). You can open it in Notepad to inspect it. Its structure is very simple: an IP address, followed by at least one space, followed by the domain name, and an optional comment denoted by a #. The default hosts settings will likely look like this:
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this has cleared, select your language/locale settings from the Install Windows dialog box, and then click Next.
The LoadImageFile method reads the image file, displays the name of and the number of bytes in the file, and returns the image as a byte array:
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