.net code 39 Introducing XML and the .NET Framework in c sharp

Integrated Code-39 in c sharp Introducing XML and the .NET Framework

Figure 13-7. Modifying a row
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The Navigation Framework is a feature in Silverlight that allows developers to implement a way to navigate through different pages within a Silverlight application, creating an experience similar to browsing through different pages of a web site. The framework also allows developers to create a history that can integrate with the browser enabling users to navigate forward and backward through the history using the browser s back and forward buttons. In this chapter, you will explore Silverlight s Navigation Framework and try out a couple of examples involving the different aspects of the framework.
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Creating Your Forums
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Figure 7-11. The clients will be contacted by the server.
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Every user needs a home directory. Even the root account has one (/var/root by default). The home directory doesn t need to reference a path that currently exists as the first time the user logs into a system the home directory will be created and assigned appropriate permissions. The attribute for the home directory is NFSHomeDirectory:
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Physical layer: Defines the type of medium, the transmission method, and the rates available for the network. Some networks have broadband communication, measured in megabits per second, whereas others have narrower communication in the kilobit range or less. Because of the wide variance in bandwidth, different behavior can be expected, and applications that implement network protocols have to be aware of this. Thus, the physical layer has to be able to provide this data to the next layer up, and respond to command instructions from it. You can see this seven-layer model, and how typical TCP/IP applications such as the web browser fit into it, in Figure 1-1.
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Note Unlike many books, Beginning Ubuntu Linux doesn t ignore Windows. Throughout its pages, you ll find frequent references to Windows and the software that runs under it. You ll find direct comparisons with actual Windows programs, and you ll learn how to work with Windows files. The intention is that anyone with prior experience will be able to get started with Ubuntu much more quickly.
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Figure 4 18. Adding a new send pipeline to a project 9. From the Pipeline Components section of the toolbox, drag and drop a Flat file assembler component into the Assemble stage of the send pipeline.
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Files frequently get lost. Well, technically speaking, they don t actually get lost. We just forget where we ve put them. But because of this, the shell includes some handy commands to search for files.
The layout of this report is simple; all we need to do is create a tabular report by using the table report item. Before we start designing the report layout, let s add the report to the project. As usual, add the report by selecting the project in Solution Explorer, right-clicking it, and selecting Add New Item. Select Report from the Add New Item dialog box, and name the report rptInventoryStatus.rdlc. Click the Add button to complete the process; a new report
I used the standard trick of setting a large pctfree to spread the table over a larger number of blocks without generating a huge amount of data. The 10,000 rather small rows created by this script required 278 blocks of storage. The trunc() function used in the clustered column gives me the values from 0 to 99 that each repeat 100 times before changing; the mod() function used in the scattered column keeps cycling through the numbers 0 to 99. I have created two indexes on the same pair of columns, reversing the column ordering from the good index to produce the bad index. The naming convention for each index is derived from an examination of its clustering_factor: INDEX_NAME BLEVEL LEAF_BLOCKS CLUSTERING_FACTOR -------------------- ---------- ----------- ----------------T1_I1_GOOD 1 24 278 T1_I2_BAD 1 24 10000 When we execute a query that (according to the general theory of range-based predicates) we think might use the index t1_i2_bad, this is what we see: select count(small_vc) from t1 where and ; scattered = 50 clustered between 1 and 5 -- equality on 1st column of t1_i2_bad -- range on 2nd column of t1_i2_bad
package com.apress.timesheets.entity; import import import import static javax.persistence.CascadeType.PERSIST; static javax.persistence.FetchType.LAZY; java.util.*; javax.persistence.*;
1. Navigate to the ApressFinancial database, expand the Security node, right-click Roles, and select New Application Role. In the dialog box that appears, enter a useful role name and a password as shown in Figure 4-14. This role will be for the banking application through which users will want to look at checks, cash withdrawals, etc.
Figure 7-1. The poker starting hands application
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