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Supplies information about the action that is causing the node to change. This property is an enumeration of type XmlNodeChangedAction. Possible values include Change, Remove, and Insert. Returns the parent XmlNode of the node being changed prior to the operation. Returns the parent XmlNode of the node being changed after the operation. Returns the value of the node prior to the operation. Returns the value of the node after the operation is complete. Returns an XmlNode object representing the node being affected.
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let rec simpDeriv = | Var | Num _ | Sum (e1, e2) | Prod (e1, e2)
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Copy the text string, and repeat the process on your backup MDC for volumes accessible by StorNext clients, then go to www.quantum.com/swlicense. In the form you see, enter both the serial number for each host that will run StorNext as well as the output of the cvfsid commands from earlier. Quantum usually responds to these requests in about the same time frame as with the initial request. Once you receive the e-mail response, open the license.dat file from /Library/FileSystems/Xsan/config and paste the message content that is indicated as being required into the file using pico or vi. After the files are updated, reboot the metadata controllers. Each will then create a file called .auth_secret in its
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If the drive has automatically been made available, an icon for it should appear on the desktop. Double-clicking this should show your Windows partition contents. On a test system, the icon was identified by its partition designation, hda1. If you find that your Windows partition isn t visible, you can follow these instructions to make it visible. This involves mounting the Windows partition under your Ubuntu file system. Mounting is explained in more detail in 14.
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How It Works
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However, there s a catch: the code needs to execute first. By the time your app executes, the user must have already rolled over the icon, which rather defeats the point of a rollover icon. You can solve this problem by setting your application to automatically run at start-up. You will then have two application entry points: one that automatically executes on start-up with no arguments, and another that executes with an argument when the user selects your icon. Follow these steps to set up your project appropriately. 1. 2. 3. 4. Right-click your main project (such as MediaGrabber) in Eclipse and select Properties. Open BlackBerry Project Properties. Select the Application tab. Check Auto-run on startup (to make the app run on boot) and System module (to keep this entry point from displaying in the main menu), and then click OK. In Eclipse, click File, New, then Other. . . Select BlackBerry Project and click Next. Provide an application name (such as MediaGrabberAlternate ) and click Finish. Open the new project s BlackBerry Project Properties and select the Application tab. Change the Project type to Alternate CLDC Application Entry Point .
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The IChannel interface defines the basic functionality of a transport channel. Transport channels are used for crossing remoting boundaries, which can be contexts, AppDomains, and processes, as well as machines. Channels implement the specifics of the transport protocol (e.g., TCP or HTTP) and can listen on transport protocol ports as well as send messages through transport protocol streams. That said, channels have to cover inbound as well as outbound communication with remote objects. They provide an extensibility point in the runtime for adding custom transport protocols to the .NET Remoting infrastructure. Interface definition: public interface IChannel { string Parse(string url, [out] ref string objectURI); string ChannelName { get; } int ChannelPriority { get; } } As you can see, each channel has to implement a method for parsing the remote object s URL as well as provide properties for the channel s name and its priority in the list of channels. Both roles, the listening portion as well as the sending portion, are expressed through the subinterfaces IChannelReceiver and IChannelSender described in the next two sections of this appendix.
Finally ' Close connection rdr.Close() conn.Close()
private var _songLength:Number;
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JAAS is all very well for authenticating a user on our own server, but how does this help when you need to authenticate a user on another system One possible answer would be to store the username and password in the client; then make these available to remote systems as and when needed. This is not an especially desirable approach. There are various reasons for avoiding this, but the most compelling is that ultimately if any of the systems involved is compromised in any way (even if the channels of communication between them are otherwise secure), the user s password will become known. The GSS-API is not a specific mechanism (it does not define a protocol) but rather an API. It dictates how one goes about authenticating your application against a remote system without needing to know how the underlying mechanism is implemented. Once the identity of all parties has been established, the GSS-API also defines a standard for securing (encrypting) communications between them. The GSS-API itself is dictated in RFC (Request For Comments) document number 1508, and is therefore an open standard. Most of the infrastructure of the Internet is published in these documents and freely available for download from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) web site at www.faqs.org. A series of subsequent RFC documents define the language-specific APIs. We are specifically interested in RFC 2853, which defines the Java bindings. The protocol implementations are then defined in additional documents. For our example we will be using the Kerberos authentication mechanism, which we have already encountered. RFC 1510 defines Kerberos v5, and RFC 1964 defines how GSS should use Kerberos. It is not necessary to read these in depth, but RFC documents tend to be written in an accessible manner, so it is worth glancing through them for insights into how things work at a level beyond the scope of this book. The code that follows demonstrates what is required to establish the authenticity of a client with a server using the Java GSS-API. In this example, we want to authenticate the user dave with the password MyPassword against a service
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