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Listing 15-7. OnRowUpdating()
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XML Is an Industry Standard
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designing a database. Many experienced XML designers disagree over the best use of attributes and even whether attributes should be used at all (and without attributes, empty elements have virtually no use). While elements may in some ways map more ideally to relational data, this doesn t mean that attributes have no place in XML design. After all, XML isn t intended to (and in principle can t) conform to the relational model of data. In fact, you ll see that a pure element-only design can be more difficult to work with in T-SQL.
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Listing 6-5. Configuring the Servlet Path
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Mac OS X Server and Windows integration often go hand in hand. Samba, Unix, and Mac OS X s Windows file service, is the primary means with which this is often done. Samba has the capability of authenticating via Kerberos when used with an Active Directory domain controller. This is accomplished by the following additions to the /etc/smb.conf file:
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There is a little trap waiting for you if you create stored outlines or make use of explain plan while cursor_sharing is set to force or similar. When you explain plan for {sql statement}, or create outline for {sql statement}, Oracle does not replace constants with bind variables. Instead it creates an execution plan based on the actual values supplied.
pmset schedule poweron "09/09/09 9:09:09" pmset repeat shutdown MTWRF 21:00:00
The doView() method in the FirstPortlet class is the only method we overrode from the abstract base class GenericPortlet. It s similar to a doGet() or doPost() method on a servlet, but not exactly the same. Three modes for portlets are defined in the standard: VIEW, EDIT, and HELP Only the VIEW portlet mode is required; the EDIT . and HELP modes are optional.
Understanding the Role of XML in WCF Services
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