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When a request is processed, the web service method is executed without a transaction. When a request is processed, the web service method is executed without a transaction. When a request is processed, the web method is executed without a transaction. When a request is processed, a new transaction will be created for the web service method. When a request is processed, a new transaction will be created for the web service method.
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Figure 14 9. AddressPlottingDemo application
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' Set up DML Dim ins As String = _ "insert into employees " _ & "( " _ & " firstname, " _ & " lastname, " _ & " titleofcourtesy, " _ & " city, " _ & " country " _ & ") " _ & "values " _ & "( " _ & " @firstname, " _
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<portlet> <description>Preferences Validation Portlet</description> <portlet-name>PreferencesValidationPortlet</portlet-name> <display-name>Preferences Validation Portlet</display-name> <portlet-class> com.portalbook.portlets.PreferencesValidationPortlet</portlet-class> .... </portlet>
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4. Execute the preceding code, which will return two rows as shown in Figure 11-2. As you can see, an INNER JOIN is very straightforward.
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Reducing Table Contention (ASSM)
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Membership and Roles
Caution Auto-pruning occurs without warning. If you decide to enable this option in your forums, make sure you and your moderators regularly archive posts that you wish to keep, as you won t have any warning when phpBB is about to delete posts. If you are concerned about losing data in a forum, I recommend that you leave this option off and prune manually.
Listing 11-3. Implementation of ListBoxTextWriter using using using using System; System.Text; System.IO; System.Windows.Controls;
When we run T-SQL to retrieve data, SSMS can place it within a grid, a bit like in Excel (although it will be read-only), or represent it as text, like in Notepad (also read-only). You can also save the data to a file, which is based on Results to Text options. The Results to Grid options, shown in Figure 2-23, cover how the results will look if we are outputting to a grid. Include the Query in the Result Set: The T-SQL used to run the query is placed prior to the results. Include Column Headers: If you want to copy information from the results, for example, to place it within an e-mail, then selecting this option will include the column headers as well as the results. Discard Results After Execution: Once the query executes, any results displayed will be immediately discarded at the end, therefore leaving nothing to display.
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