Specifying the Namespaces in Word Microsoft

Writer QR-Code in Word Microsoft Specifying the Namespaces

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Once the connection is established correctly, we call the setNetStream method. When the connection is established, we call the method to set the net stream, and the user is able to play the video. We set the playButton-enabled property to true so the user can click the play button and view the video.
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One way to get a quick overview of the .NET Framework and the F# library is to look at the primary DLLs and namespaces contained in them. Recall from s 2 and 7 that DLLs correspond to the physical organization of libraries and that namespaces and types give the logical organization of a naming hierarchy. Let s look at the physical organization first. The types and functions covered in this chapter are drawn from the DLLs in Table 10-1. Table 10-1. DLLs Containing the Library Constructs Referred to in This
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Foreign Keys
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Getting Everything Up and Running
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Implementing the New Client
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Figure 9-12. You can select multiple recipients of the files or folders you would like
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Note Some configure scripts are very thorough and check for components that the program you re
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Another way to make networking easier is to simply have good manners. If you can talk (and chances are you have been talking since you were very young) and you have good manners, then you will be surprised at how easy networking can be. Remember how you can leave a group by simply saying excuse me. Well, that is just good manners, and people that demonstrate good manners often stand out, are well liked, and respected. Successful networking requires some work and effort, yet a lot of that work and effort end up becoming helpful habits. Before you know it, you will be a natural at networking.
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Looking for Specific Elements and Nodes
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Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) technology provides an opportunity for you to bring your Flex application into a whole new domain, the desktop. The API provides access to almost every nook and cranny you could want: the file system, native windows, native menus, and more. It also includes an embedded local database that you can use for offline storage. Plus it s portable between Mac, Windows, and Linux. With these tools in hand and better integration of AIR 2.0 with the OS, it s hard to think of any desktop application that you can t write with AIR. In this chapter, we ll show several complete examples that push the limits of the AIR API. You are free to use these as templates for your own applications.
People love to chat. They love to have their say. In pubs and clubs, in their homes, in bus queues, and in supermarket aisles, people love to talk. For many people, it is just as rewarding to have those conversations without the face-toface contact, such as on the phone or on a shortwave radio. People still have conversations with pen and paper, sending letters to each other. Similarly, people love to have conversations online. The nature of some online conversations is analogous to other types of conversations. Real-time chat in a chat room is most like a face-to-face meeting with several people. Instant messaging is like a phone conversation between two people. E-mail is like a paper-and-pen correspondence. Yet the online world gives us other ways to converse that don t have true parallels in the real world. That e-mail conversation can take place on a mailing list, where many people join in. Bulletin boards are like conversations with a lot of people, but the conversation can be in near real-time, like a chat, or time-delayed over many hours, days, or weeks, more like a mailing list.
The previous part of this chapter only covers synchronous processing due to one reason: it s a lot easier and consistent between client and server than other types of processing. As you know from the examples and figures earlier in this chapter, several methods are available for message handling: on the client side, there are the IMessageSink and the IClientChannelSink interfaces. Both sink types approach the handling of asynchronous messages in a substantially different manner, as described in the next sections.
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