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Render qrcode in Microsoft Word Using Resource Files to Localize Content

This chapter introduced techniques and tools you can use to debug F# programs and automate the execution of unit tests. Because testing and debugging activities relate to the execution of programs, these tools tend to work on the compiled version of a program, relying on additional information such as metadata exposed through the reflection API or program debug database information files generated by compilers. Programming languages such as F# that feature programming abstractions don t map directly to the CLR intermediate language and type system; as a result, compilation details may surface when you use tools that operate on compiled assemblies. Nevertheless, these are valuable tools for developing large systems. The next chapter covers another set of software engineering issues for F# code: library design in the context of F# and .NET.
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Your Favorites list cannot be imported into Ubuntu, but the individual files can be opened in a text editor in order to view their URLs, which can then be opened in the Ubuntu web browser. If you use Mozilla Firefox under Windows, you can manually export your bookmarks for import under Firefox when Ubuntu is installed. Click Bookmarks Organize bookmarks, and click File Export in the window that appears. To import the bookmarks into Ubuntu s version of Firefox, repeat the steps, but click File Import instead, and then locate the .html file you saved. You might also want to back up web site archives or instant messenger chat logs, although hidden data such as cookies cannot be imported.
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In this chapter, you have looked at the development of the service layer containing business logic. You have seen how the methods of the service layer can be made transactional by using AOP. You also have also seen how AOP classes can be created to enforce security guarantees upon the service layer without influencing its design. In the next chapter, we will finally build our presentation layer the web application upon the foundation provided by the service layer created in this chapter.
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Select the Add Container tab to view the form to add a new container. The contents of the Container Name and Description fields will be visible to users in the forum overview. Use the Parent and Weight fields to place the container in the hierarchy. Containers are best left at the top level. Once you have defined your containers (or decided you don t need any), you can define your forums. Select the Add Forum tab to add forums. This page is identical to the one for adding containers. Although it is possible to add a forum with another forum as its parent, it is more logical to have all of your forums be either top-level or the child of a
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Administration Tools
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Running the Application
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The text editor node contains options that affect how you work with text.
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Web Site
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Figure 10-11. The Mouse Preferences dialog box lets you tame that mouse.
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11. Select the three TextBox controls and set the following properties: FontFamily: Verdana FontSize: 14 FontWeight: Bold Foreground: #FF0008FF Background: #FFF9F57D VerticalAlignment: Top Margin: 5,5,5,5
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Listing 8-8. The Configuration of Our Simple Mail DAO
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