Using Culture Settings with ToString to Display Dates, Times, and Text in Word

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residing in this folder will be displayed on the user s desktop.
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Figure 10-24. iPhone Configuration Utility: Configuring WebCal Subscriptions
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Figure 15-1. Specifying a file system web site
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Orchestration Step
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It may look similar, but Mac OS X Server has some very different functionality from Mac OS X Client. The differences lie in the fact that Mac OS X Server, like most other servers, is used to share data. That data is shared across a variety of protocols, according to the type of data being shared. Therefore, it naturally follows that you will need to take additional precautions to properly secure Mac OS X Server and on a per-service basis. In this chapter, we ll primarily focus on the services that are specific to Mac OS X Server and how to secure them, paying attention to where the best practices differ from Mac OS X Client. A number of services are included with Mac OS X Server. We will focus on security as it pertains to the most heavily used services: directory services, file sharing, web server services, wireless services, user account management, Internet security, and the iChat Server. We ll start with common security themes that persist across each service. Because many of the other services are dependent on directory services, we ll then move on to securing Open Directory, an innovation in Mac OS X Server that distinguishes it from Mac OS X Client. Finally, we ll take a look at each service and the special security precautions that should be taken with each.
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To set the Connection property, follow these steps: 1. Add the following bold code to the try block of Listing 11-1. 'Open connection conn.Open() 'connect command to connection cmd.Connection = conn Console.WriteLine("Connnected command to this connection.") 2. Run the code by pressing Ctrl+F5. You should see the results in Figure 11-2.
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Configuration from Portlet.xml
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Using the report items and developing report looks are important. However, our work doesn t end there. I ll also show you some other important things, like formatting the report and beautifying the report output. Finally, I ll show you the Expression Editor, and we ll examine the ReportViewer control.
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stop() largely remains the same, except that we automatically start playing back captured data once it has been persisted.
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A substituted name for a database, table, column, or other database object. If you have, for example, a table or a column with a long name, or if you are joining two tables together and both have a column name that is the same, or if the name of a column doesn t lend itself to describing the contents of the data that it holds well enough for output displayed, then you could use an alias on the column name. In this way, you can assign a more descriptive name to the column, via the alias, thereby making it easier to see just what the data in the column actually represents. The alias on the column name would typically be used within SELECT statements or WHERE clauses of SQL commands. You can also alias table names to make it easier when building queries joining two tables, so that the alias is used in defining the join conditions, rather than a long table name.
namespace Server { class MyWorkerObject: MarshalByRefObject, IWorkerObject { public MyWorkerObject() { Console.WriteLine("MyWorkerObject.Constructor: New Object created"); } public void DoSomething(IRemoteObject usethis) { Console.WriteLine("MyWorkerObject.doSomething(): called"); Console.WriteLine("MyWorkerObject.doSomething(): Will now call" + "getValue() on the remote obj."); int tmp = usethis.GetValue(); Console.WriteLine("MyWorkerObject.doSomething(): current value of " + "the remote obj.; {0}", tmp); Console.WriteLine("MyWorkerObject.doSomething(): changing value to 70"); usethis.SetValue(70); } } class ServerStartup { static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine ("ServerStartup.Main(): Server [2] started"); SoapServerFormatterSinkProvider prov = new SoapServerFormatterSinkProvider(); prov.TypeFilterLevel = System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.TypeFilterLevel.Full; IDictionary props = new Hashtable(); props["port"] = 1235; HttpChannel chan = new HttpChannel(props, null, prov); ChannelServices.RegisterChannel( chan ); RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownServiceType( typeof(MyWorkerObject), "MyWorkerObject.soap", WellKnownObjectMode.SingleCall);
parameters in the configuration will be slightly different in the case of a one-way web service.
Next, add the nag page, or the page that will try to get users to purchase the full version of our application if the user is executing our application under a trial license. 3. To do that, right-click the project name in Solution Explorer and select Add New Item Windows Phone Portrait Page. Name the page Upgrade.xaml and select OK. Bring up the design surface of the Upgrade.xaml page, and make it look like Figure 11 5.
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