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Adding a code condition allows you to specify a function that will fire off to evaluate the condition, and a declarative rule allows you to specify a simple rule. In our case, we re just using a very simple rule, so choose this option. Next, notice that the ConditionName is given a red alert because it isn t yet set. Change this field to a good name for the rule, such as ageOver100. Once you ve done this, notice that the alert moves to the ConditionExpression field, as you haven t yet defined it. Click the ellipsis button (. . .) and the Rule Condition Editor will open (see Figure 9-9).
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Carnegie Hall
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in any editor, or even use the type or more command to view it.
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Press F6 to rebuild the solution. Go back to the WF 4.0 workflow (Workflow1.xaml). Drag a TryCatch activity onto the workflow just below the Interop activity. Drag an Interop activity to the Try section.
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we get an execution plan like this one: Execution Plan (autotrace ---------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=6 Card=1 Bytes=127) 1 0 NESTED LOOPS (Cost=6 Card=1 Bytes=127) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 3 5 2 7 1 9 MERGE JOIN (CARTESIAN) (Cost=6 Card=1 Bytes=81) MERGE JOIN (CARTESIAN) (Cost=4 Card=1 Bytes=54) TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'DIM1' (Cost=2 Card=1 Bytes=27) BUFFER (SORT) (Cost=2 Card=1 Bytes=27) TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'DIM2' (Cost=2 Card=1 Bytes=27) BUFFER (SORT) (Cost=4 Card=1 Bytes=27) TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'DIM3' (Cost=2 Card=1 Bytes=27) TABLE ACCESS (BY INDEX ROWID) OF 'FACT_TAB' INDEX (UNIQUE SCAN) OF 'F_PK' (UNIQUE)
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Because you need to parse an XML document with sp_xml_preparedocument before you can use it with OPENXML, you ll use the XML document that FOR XML AUTO substantially matched, because it s the kind of XML design that T-SQL most easily handles:
The ReadXml() method has several overloads. The one that we use accepts the name of the XML file to read and the XmlReadMode value. After ReadXml() has finished, the DataSet has populated DataTable objects depending on the source XML document. For example, if you use the EmployeesTable.xml file that we created previously, your DataSet will contain one DataTable called employees. Table 7-3. XmlReadMode Values
6 7. Calling Stored Procedures
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