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CHAPTER 9: Encrypting Files and Volumes
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C# Corner: Remoting Section
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This dialog box actually provided clear, concise information to the end user. Very specific, and very helpful. If the user is even the least bit considerate, this dialog provides enough meaning for them to understand exactly why they ve been prompted: the application has changed. With the implementation in 10.6, when an application is updated, the above dialog is no longer used, instead being replaced by the same dialog pictured in Figure 6 1, which isn t very specific at all, unfortunately, and a step in the wrong direction. The good news is that with signed applications, this dialog box is actually completely eradicated. For instance, you will never see such a dialog in Safari, because any updates released by Apple will contain an identical bundle identifier, and will be signed with the same signing authority as the version of Safari that it replaces. Therefore, the update has a completely valid and non-refutable signature and can be provided access to the exact same resources as its predecessor with impunity.
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The <column> is the column that should be used to sort the result. The {, n} syntax means you can specify any number of columns separated by commas. The result will be sorted in the order in which you specify the columns. The following are the two sort directions: ASC: Ascending (1, 2, 3, 4, and so on) DESC: Descending (10, 9, 8, 7, and so on) If you omit the ASC or DESC keywords, the sort order defaults to ASC. The following is the basic syntax for queries: SELECT <column> FROM <table> WHERE <predicate> ORDER BY <column> ASC | DESC Now that you ve seen it, you ll put this syntax to use in an example.
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You will now want to remove any information about Shared and Mirrored folders, since those can potentially use paths that no longer exist on a host. To do so, open the .vmx file again and look for a line that is similar to the following:
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/// <summary> /// Settings class is singleton instance that will contain various application /// configuration that will be used by all the controls of the application. /// </summary> public sealed class NotepadViewModel : INotifyPropertyChanged {
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Allowed Values
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3 11. Using the Value Cross-Reference Functoids
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CHAPTER 6: Basic Troubleshooting
Figure 11-1. User attributes revealed
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The F# compiler and F# Interactive use the indentation of F# code to determine where constructs start and finish. The indentation rules are very intuitive; we discuss them in the appendix, which is a guide to the F# syntax. Listing 2-2 shows a fully qualified version of the wordCount function. Listing 2-2. A Version of the wordCount Function Using Explicit in Tokens /// Analyze a string for duplicate words let wordCount text = let words = splitAtSpaces text in let wordSet = Set.ofList words in let numWords = words.Length in let numDups = words.Length - wordSet.Count in (numWords,numDups) Double semicolons (;;) are still required to terminate entries to F# Interactive. However, if you re using an interactive development environment such as Visual Studio, then the environment typically adds them automatically when code is selected and executed. We show the double semicolons in the interactive code snippets used in this book, although not in the larger samples. Sometimes it s convenient to write let definitions on a single line. You can do this by separating the expression that follows a definition from the definition itself using in. For example: let powerOfFour n = let nSquared = n * n in nSquared * nSquared Here s an example use of the function: > powerOfFour 3;; val it : int = 81 Indeed, let pat = expr1 in expr2 is the true primitive construct in the language, where pat stands for pattern and expr1 and expr2 stand for expressions. The F# compiler inserts the in if expr2 is columnaligned with the let keyword on a subsequent line.
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