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manually add the header and footer later.
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A SQL Server database will have either Windows authentication or SQL Server authentication, or both, as the basis of any connections to the database. Windows authentication uses the Windows user ID and logon as the basis of its connection to SQL Server. This is more secure than SQL Server authentication for connecting to SQL Server.
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And under the 9i, the execution plan with this version of the join becomes the following:
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A trivial checksum might first convert every letter to a numeric value, as in our examples before, and then add the values together. It will then divide the sum by 26 and take the remainder (for a value between 0 and 25) plus 1 (for a value between 1 and 26). This final letter is then appended to the end of the string prior to submission. Suppose we want to send the message hello and our secret key is j . So, the message helloj is transformed to 8 + 5 + 12 + 12 + 15 + 10, which equals 62. Dividing by 26 yields a remainder of 10, so the hash value is 11, or k . We transmit the value hellok, keeping the secret key out of the message. If an attacker tries to send the message aloha to our app, but doesn t know the key, he may send alohak . When the app receives this message, it will add the secret j to the text aloha , then transform alohaj to 1 + 12 + 15 + 8 + 1 + 10, which equals 47. We divide by 26, take the remainder of 21, add 1 to get 22, and end up with v . However, we can see that the checksum value was k . Therefore, we know this message is not authentic, and we discard it. You may choose to combine a checksum and a cipher for a transmitted message. This is slower than just cryptographically signing, but helps ensure both that nobody else can read the message and that the message was not modified in transit. To do this, calculate a digest for your entire message, combine the two, and then run the entire result through a cipher before sending. There are a variety of well-known checksum algorithms available. While on the Web you have probably encountered MD5 hashes, which are used to verify that a file has not been tampered with. Some potential weaknesses have been discovered in MD5, and today most new apps should use SHA or the more secure SHA-1. If you prefer, you can roll your own checksum algorithm. However, keep in mind that anything you come up with will likely be far less secure than the more widely used technologies.
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The results can be seen in Figure 12-9. Notice that this time, on change of Department, the Ranking becomes 2 when Document Control becomes Engineering, instead of moving to 6.
Tip On a similar theme, don t forget to empty the desktop Trash. This can hold many megabytes of old
selected the compression, especially if you have a slower connection. The trade-off is that the backup will take a little longer to get started. Click Start Backup, and be patient, as it can take a few minutes to get the backup fully downloaded to your computer. Once you ve made a backup, restoring it is quite straightforward, as Figure 10-21 illustrates. This screen appears when you click the Restore Database link under General Admin in the Administration panel. From here, simply locate the compressed or uncompressed backup file on your computer, and then click Start Restore. phpBB uploads and, if necessary, decompresses the backup and restores it to the database. Be patient, as this process can take a few minutes.
Let s move ahead. Click the Next button on the welcome screen of the wizard to progress to specifying the data source; this step is needed for the wizard to know what type of data to gather and where the data is. Your wizard screen should look similar to the one shown in Figure 14-12.
Sending Text Messages
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