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var a = ['Item 1', 'Item 2', 'Item 3', 'Item 4']; Array.insert(a,1,'Item 1a'); // Results: 'Item 1', 'Item 1a', 'Item 2', 'Item 3', 'Item 4'
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readData method. The event NSStreamEventHasSpaceAvailable: lets the code know that the outgoing stream has space for writing data and you call the writeData method. Note that the first event means that you have data that needs to be read and processed while the second event only indicates that you have space to write any data that is waiting to be written. The writeData routine very simply checks if the stream still has space available and if there is something to be written (_writeData length is greater than zero). If everything is a go, then you call the NSStream write:maxLength: method to actually send out the data.
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//declare connection string, please substitute //DataSource with your Server name string cnString = "Data Source=(local); Initial Catalog=RealWorld;Integrated Security=SSPI;"; //declare Connection, command and other related objects SqlConnection conReport = new SqlConnection(cnString); SqlCommand cmdReport = new SqlCommand(); SqlDataReader drReport; DataSet dsReport = new dsProductReorder(); try { //open connection conReport.Open(); //prepare connection object to get the data //through reader and populate into dataset cmdReport.CommandType = CommandType.Text; cmdReport.Connection = conReport; cmdReport.CommandText = "Select * FROM dbo.ProductReorder"; //read data from command object drReport = cmdReport.ExecuteReader(); //load data directly from reader to dataset dsReport.Tables[0].Load(drReport); //close reader and connection drReport.Close(); conReport.Close(); //provide local report information to viewer reportViewer1.LocalReport.ReportEmbeddedResource = "ProductReorder.rptProductReorder.rdlc"; //prepare report data source ReportDataSource rds = new ReportDataSource(); rds.Name = "dsProductReorder_dtProductReorder"; rds.Value = dsReport.Tables[0]; reportViewer1.LocalReport.DataSources.Add(rds);
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CHAPTER 2: Media Capture
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Key Letter
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Then cost = (probe passes + 1) * round(1,269/6.588) + round(255/6.588) = 3 * 193 + 39 = 579 + 39 = 618 -- as required (with a little rounding error) You ll notice that the optimizer seems to have allowed for dumping and rereading the probe partitions it used probe passes + 1 in the calculation but only caters to the cost of the hash table once. I don t know why. (You ll also notice that I could have made a better choice about where to do my rounding to make the numbers come out exactly right but there s always a little room for error in the rounding and print formatting routines that go into the 10053 trace.) Just to confirm that this hypothesis is correct, and not just a one-off lucky chance, we can run the calculations for 8i and 10g. With a hash_multiblock_io_count of 9, the optimizer will use the value 7.12 in the calculations. Bear in mind that we are looking for a total cost of 1,081 (in 10g) which means that when we factor out the cost of the tablescans, the hash join component will be 1,081 510 = 570. (The result is the same for 8i once we allow for the slightly reduced tablescan cost: 570 = 1.079 508.) Sure enough: (probe passes + 1) * round(1,269/7.12) + round(255 / 7.12) = 3 * 178 + 36 = 570 -- as required If you want to test the arithmetic further, you can rerun hash_one.sql with different values for the hash_multiblock_io_count and watch the hash join cost change. Note that the parameter became hidden in 9i, so the syntax for setting the parameter will change: alter session set "_hash_multiblock_io_count" = 4; alter session set hash_multiblock_io_count = 4; -- 9i syntax -- 8i syntax
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Alternatively, if you want to avoid passing passwords via stdin, and you are running from an admin account, you can perform an unauthenticated static bind without passing local credentials simply by running the tool as root:
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PGP Encryption
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Considering Security When Using the ClickOnce Data Directory
1. We need only set one local variable to a date and time. After that, we find the day of the month. DECLARE @WhatsTheDay datetime SET @WhatsTheDay = '24 March 2006 3:00 PM' SELECT DATEPART(dd, @WhatsTheDay) Figure 11-24 shows the results after executing this code.
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