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about the systems. If 17 different groups mention some tiny database, but they consider it to be of minor importance, you can consider it very important because it is touched by so many different people. Another factor here is recoverability. If the business requires you to be able to recover a database to a point in time, then you should consider that to be an important database as well, even if that customer sits across from you and says it s not that important. I have lost track of the number of times a customer has told me offhand that the system really is not a big deal we need to recover to within five minutes, and we use it all day long, but you don t have to worry about it. Yeah, right. Until a disaster happens, of course, and you are on the hook to put everything back, and quickly!
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Following the steps given in the section Adding Multi-Language Support, create a new resource header file called MediaGrabber.rrh. Provide .rrc files for each language you would like to support. I have chosen to use _en , _en_US , _en_GB , and _cs , but you can include any other language you would like to see. Create keys for all visible strings in MediaGrabber and copy the existing string values into the default MediaGrabber.rrc file. You can either do this in the Eclipse grid editing window, or directly edit the .rrc file by hand if you prefer. If you edit the .rrc file outside of Eclipse, you might need to refresh or restart Eclipse for the changes to be recognized. A partial set of the English translations are shown in Listing 10-1, covering the main MediaGrabber class file as well as the initial UI from ChoicesScreen.
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This command will show that the gedit binary is found at the location /usr/bin/gedit in the file system. Next, attempt to undo prelinking on the binary:
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You saw in the previous section that mutable references must be explicitly dereferenced. F# also supports mutable locals that are implicitly dereferenced. These must either be top-level definitions or be local variables in a function: > let mutable cell1 = 1;; val mutable cell1 : int = 1 > cell1;; val it : int = 1 > cell1 <- 3;; val it : unit = () > cell1;; val it : int = 3 The following shows how to use a mutable local: let sum n m = let mutable res = 0 for i = n to m do res <- res + i res > sum 3 6;; val it : int = 18 F# places strong restrictions on the use of mutable locals. In particular, unlike mutable references, mutable locals are guaranteed to be stack-allocated values, which is important in some situations because the .NET garbage collector won t move stack values. As a result, mutable locals may not be used in any inner lambda expressions or other closure constructs, with the exception of top-level mutable values, which can be used anywhere, and mutable fields of records and objects, which are associated with the heap allocated objects themselves. You learn more about mutable object types in 6. Reference cells and types containing mutable fields can be used instead to make the existence of heapallocated imperative state obvious.
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book, or its authors. Version 2.0 of .NET will, however, include similar security functions that can be used independently of the chosen transport protocol.
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The book page was created for use on to facilitate the collaborative creation and editing of documentation. In order to give everyone the chance to contribute to the Drupal handbooks (, it was necessary to let all site users make new book pages and edit existing pages. The danger, of course, is that not everyone writes good documentation, and some people might even do malicious things like delete or deface the existing documentation, so some level of moderation was needed. The solution was that any new book pages and any revisions of existing book pages would be subject to approval by a moderator. When an existing book page gets edited, the changes are saved as a revision, and the original version of the page continues to be displayed on the site. The book page content type differs from other content types in a number of subtle yet important ways. In addition to the Title and Body fields, which are common to other types such as blogs, pages, and stories, the page for creating book type content has the following fields: The Parent field controls the page s position within the overall hierarchy. A book is defined as a content node that lives at the top level of the book hierarchy (has no parent) and all of its children. This is achieved by choosing <top-level> as the value for the Parent field. The Weight field controls the order of pages within a particular level of the hierarchy. As usual, content with lighter weights (smaller numbers) will appear before content with heavier weights (larger numbers). The Log Message field is intended to be used as part of a collaborative editing workflow that makes book pages unique among content types. Someone making an edit can use this field to indicate to the moderators or other editors what was changed and why.
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such as the dual inline package (DIP), plastic leaded chip carrier (PLCC), ball grid array (BGA), and the quad flat no lead (QFN), as shown in Figure 10 10.
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Figure 5-22. Foreign key with description
ISO filenames for Linux distributions can be a little hard to understand, so here s a quick guide. Let s take the Xubuntu 8.04 ISO filename as a guide. Here it is: xubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso This filename consists of four main parts: The first part is the name of the distribution. In this case, it s xubuntu, but this could read edubuntu or just ubuntu, for example. The second part is the version number of the distribution 8.04. The third part is the platform for which the distribution is designed. In this case, this version of Xubuntu is designed for the desktop, but this could read server or alternate, to indicate an alternate install disc. The final part, before the .iso file extension, is a description of the computer architecture for which the distribution is made. i386 means the distribution will run on all 32-bit PCs (which is to say, every computer made since around 1990). You might also see amd64 here, which means the distribution is designed to work on 64-bit processors, such as recent Intel Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon 64 based computers. If you see PowerPC here, it means the distribution is designed to run on PowerPC-based computers, primarily older Apple Macintoshes. ia64 means the distribution is designed to run on computers with Intel s Itanium CPUs.
CHAPTER 7: Securing Web Browsers and E-mail
As you can see from this example, continuation passing is a powerful control construct, although it s used only occasionally in F# programming.
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