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Now we are set up, and it s time to start building the example application. To represent the data, we define a Person class, which has the following attributes:
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In the File Sharing admin screen, you will see three tabs along the bottom: Share Point, Permissions, and Quotas (if quotas are enabled). From here, click Share Point, and review the options: Enable AutoMount provides options to set up an Open Directory link to the volume. Enable Spotlight Searching allows the volume to be searchable using Spotlight. Enable as TimeMachine Backup Destination means client computers can back up using Time Machine. Protocol Options opens the screen that allows SMB, AFP, NFS, and FTP settings to be configured (and looks similar to the screen in previous versions of Workgroup Manager).
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<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns="" > <head> <title>AJAX Picture Client</title> <script type="text/javascript"> var ajaxRequest var cachedAjaxRequest var currentPic = 100; var theURL; var theCachedURL; function initAJAX() { try { ajaxRequest = new XMLHttpRequest(); cachedAjaxRequest = new XMLHttpRequest(); } catch(error) { ajaxRequest = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
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publicIMessageSink NextSink { get { return _nextSink; } } } } To enable this way of intercepting the Organization class shown at the beginning of this chapter, you have to mark it with [Checkable] and have it inherit from ContextBoundObject to create the context property. The Organization class, which is shown in Listing 15-7, does not yet employ the use of custom attributes for checking the maximum amount of a single donation or the maximum length of the organization s name. It just demonstrates the basic principle of interception. Listing 15-7. The Organization Is Now a ContextBoundObject using System; namespace ContextBound { [Checkable] public class Organization: ContextBoundObject { String _name; double _totalDonation; public String Name { set { _name = value; } get { return _name; } } public void Donate(double amount) { Organization x = new Organization(); x.Name = "Hello World"; _totalDonation = _totalDonation + amount; } } }
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<bean id="httpSessionContextIntegrationFilter" class="org.acegisecurity.context.HttpSessionContextIntegrationFilter"/> Despite this filter s position in first place in the chain, it is also the last filter to have access to the request object. This filter places the authentication and authorization information into the session context for future use. Other approaches are possible, but this is the simplest mechanism available to avoid the necessity of making the user log in for every URL. When an incoming request is received after a successful authentication, the authentication information will be reestablished for the thread for access by the other filters.
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Setting a Primary Key
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Types of Applications
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You re probably used to using pointers or references to base classes in classic C++ to write polymorphic functions. You can do this with handles to interfaces, too. Frequently, you write code that uses interface handles if you want that code to be usable on a wide variety of possibly unrelated objects (for example, a method that takes an interface handle as a parameter). As long as all those object types implement the interface, you can use the function and never need to know the actual underlying object type. And because each class that implements an interface defines its own implementation of the interface methods, the behavior of different classes implementing the same interface can be quite diverse.
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As with stored procedures, do take care when building triggers: you don t want to create a potentially endless loop in which a trigger causes an update, which fires a trigger already fired earlier within the loop, thereby repeating the process.
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Workflow Design
Creating a Text Input Component
generic option is setRecordStream(), which takes an OutputStream. Theoretically, you could use this to directly send the captured data to an HTTP server, an encryption layer, or some other fancy stream. In practice, this method is often used when you re interested in getting the raw bytes of the audio. This capture would require outputting to a proper Stream.
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I admit it s a little simple, but this is pretty much the way it s been done for decades. You might ask, Where s the interrupt code That s a good question. It s actually in two different places well, sort of. Processors have various sources of interrupts, but there s typically one interrupt that fires. This means that you might have a single interrupt routine that gets called and it has to determine the source of the interrupt. This usually means examining certain interrupt flags and taking a certain action depending on which flag was set. It could be that multiple flags are set meaning that more than one interrupt happened at nearly the same time. You might think that this interrupt code would be inside the superloop, but it s not. The interrupt code is really no more than a special type of subroutine that can get called. As such, it would be in the support routine section in the preceding pseudocode (another
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