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This portlet.xml deployment descriptor is very basic because we do not use any portlet preferences, more than one portlet, or more than one locale.
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We still have to deal with problems like reverse key indexes, indexes with added columns, and indexes where the column order has been rearranged. Playing around with the sys_op_countchg() function is not going to help in these cases. However, if you consider the examples in this chapter, you will see that the they have a common thread to them. In each case the driving use of the index comes from a subset of the columns. In the reverse key example, (date_ord, seq_no), the critical use of the index depended on only the date_ord column and the presence of the seq_no added no precision to our queries. In the example about adding extra columns, (date_movement, product_id), the critical use of the index was the date_movement; the product_id was a little tweak to enhance performance (for certain queries). In the example of rearranging columns, (scattered, clustered), the argument is weaker, but we can detect that an underlying pattern in the table is strongly dictated by the clustered column, regardless of the fact that the index columns are not ordered in a way that picks this up. In all three cases, you could argue that a more appropriate clustering_factor could be found by creating an index using only the driving columns, calculating the clustering_factor for that index, and transferring the result to the original index. (You might want to do this on a backup copy of the database, of course.) I think the argument for doing this is very good in the first two cases mentioned previously, but a little weak for the third case. In the third case, the validity of the argument depends much more on the actual use of the index, and the nature of the queries. However, when the driving
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Note We will examine sort costs in detail in 13, but one detail you might note now is that the sort (aggregate) reported in the simpler query doesn t really do any sorting, which is why the marginal cost on the sort (aggregate) line was zero. Oracle simply checks each incoming row against the current maximum. (This concept has been enhanced to produce the hash (group by) in 10g Release 2.) There are lots of shortcuts that the run-time engine takes that aren t necessarily reflected perfectly in execution plans.
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This solution will describe how to configure an HTTP receive location to allow documents to be posted to BizTalk. The first task is to configure IIS to allow for the redirection of documents to BizTalk. The second task is to create a virtual directory to handle specific requests, and the third step is to configure the HTTP receive. The majority of servers will have IIS 7.0 installed, and this solution describes the steps necessary for 7.0 (IIS 5.0 and 6.0 have different configuration steps refer to the BizTalk documentation for details). After IIS has been configured, you will work through the steps needed to create a virtual directory and configure an HTTP receive port. To configure IIS 7.0, follow these steps:
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Several items in Listing 2-2 bear closer examination. RIM uses a journaled filesystem, where each file operation is assigned a unique number. For performance reasons, you should search backward from the most recent operation to the oldest, as shown earlier in Listing 2-2. Otherwise, it may take a very long time to find the event you re looking for. fileJournalChanged() will be invoked every time a file is added, deleted, or modified. It s very possible that it will be called for a file other than our video. Keeping track of lastChangeNumber ensures that even when it is called multiple times, each entry is checked only once. Likewise, because this can be called for any file, we should verify that the correct type of file was added before accepting it. Here we just print it out; in a real application, you would likely pass the file name back to the main application for more processing.
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The Archive module presents a calendar view of your site s content and a searching mechanism. Days on which content was submitted show as a link to those entries. After you enable the Archive module, you ll see a Calendar to Browse Archives block, which you can configure to show the calendar. The path to any given day in the archive takes the form archive/year/month/day. To see the content from April 23, 2005, for example, use the path archive/2005/4/23.
// Delegate the remaining members to the underlying worker member x.RunWorkerAsync() = worker.RunWorkerAsync() member x.CancelAsync() = worker.CancelAsync() The types inferred for the code in Listing 13-2 are as follows: type IterativeBackgroundWorker<'State> = new : ('State -> 'State) * 'State * int -> IterativeBackgroundWorker<'State> member RunWorkerAsync : unit -> unit member CancelAsync : unit -> unit member member member member ProgressChanged WorkerCompleted WorkerCancelled WorkerError : : : : IEvent<int * 'State> IEvent<'State> IEvent<unit> IEvent<exn>
Reusing the 6 Project
Next we will add a GridSplitter (see 4 for details) in order to allow the user to resize the left and right columns. Run your application. It should look like Figure 9-3.
At the Standard Install screen (shown in Figure 9-4), you are able to customize which Mac OS X volume VMware Fusion will be installed or you can click on the Install button if you don t wish to perform any customizations. By default, VMware Fusion will install in the /Applications directory of the volume you are currently booted from. If your monolithic image is to be a single volume then this is fairly straightforward. If not, then while you can install it on disks other than a boot volume, you should not do so on a volume that is destined to be a Boot Camp volume nor one that does not run HFS+.
Here is where the code behind your page is initialized so that validation and event handling (the next steps) can work. The important thing here is that the Page_Load event will fire at this point. Most applications will handle this event to perform their initialization. If you look back at the earlier add/subtract example, you ll see that Page_Load was used to
The ldxxx instructions are used to load values onto the operand stack of the abstract machine, and the stxxx instructions store values from that stack in locations (locals, arguments, or class fields). In this example, a static field is used for v, and the value of i is inlined using the ldc instruction. For method invocations, arguments are loaded on the stack, and a call operation is used to invoke the method. The JIT compiler is responsible for generating the binary code that runs on the actual processor. The code generated by the JIT interacts with all the elements of the runtime, including external code loaded dynamically in the form of DLLs or COM components.
CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
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