Downloading TiltEffect.cs and Applying Dependency Properties in Microsoft Word

Display QR-Code in Microsoft Word Downloading TiltEffect.cs and Applying Dependency Properties

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Example: A Scrabble Game
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The Portlet Life Cycle
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Event Viewer
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Microsoft did not invent any new languages or frameworks for the Windows Phone application platform. The company simply adapted its existing frameworks. This means that you will be able to program using C# (VB is not supported at the time this book was written) with .NET Framework. What .NET provides is a common base class library that every Microsoft .NET programmer will be familiar with, including support for multithreading, XML, Linq, collections, events, data, exceptions, IO, service model, networking, text, location, reflection, globalization, resources, runtime, security, and diagnostics. On top of core .NET Framework, the Windows Phone application platform consists of two major frameworks: Silverlight and XNA. You ll use Silverlight primarily for business applications and simple 2D games. Silverlight uses the Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) that is declarative markup language for creating compelling UI. The designers will have tremendous flexibility in creating UI for Windows Phone using familiar tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Microsoft Expression Design to create vector-based UI that can be easily exported to XAML. XNA is primarily used for creating games, and the framework comes with a game engine that allows you to create loop-based games and also provides a 3D engine, allowing you to create 3D games. In the following sections, you will learn more in detail about the main components of the Windows Phone application platform: Silverlight, XNA, tools, and cloud services.
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Saving DataSet Contents As XML
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So far in this chapter, you ve looked at programming server-side web applications. In recent years, a new class of rich-client web applications has emerged, leading to what is commonly called the Ajax development paradigm. This is a general term for any web application that incorporates substantial amounts of code executed on the client side of the application by running JavaScript in the web browser. You can develop Ajax applications in at least three ways using F#: You can manually write and serve additional JavaScript files as part of your web application. This isn t hard, but you don t benefit from existing frameworks. You can use the Ajax support via ASP.NET and develop Ajax web applications with F# code-behind files or F# library code exposed via C# or VB code-behind. You can use the WebSharper platform to write both client and server code in F#.
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' Create data view Dim dv As DataView = New DataView( _ dt, _ "country = 'Germany'", _ "country", _ DataViewRowState.CurrentRows)
CHAPTER 1: Security Quick-Start
Troubleshooting Installation
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