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XML is a platform-independent, data-representation format that offers certain benefits over a relational format for specific data representation requirements. Storing data as XML offers many benefits, such as the following: Since XML is self-describing, applications can consume XML data without knowing the schema or structure. XML data is always arranged hierarchically in a tree structure form. XML tree structure must always have a root, or parent node, which is known as an XML document. XML maintains document ordering. Because XML is arranged in tree structure, maintaining node order becomes easy. XML Schema is used to define valid XML document structure. Because of XML s hierarchical structure, you can search inside the tree structures. XQuery and XPath are the query languages designed to search XML data. Data stored as XML is extensible. It is easy to manipulate XML data by inserting, modifying, and deleting nodes.
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RAID 3: Utilizes data striping with one drive dedicated to parity. RAID 3 sets can
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Several classes in the net.rim.device.api.crypto package are not available for use in most applications. However, if you are developing commercial applications with needs such as secure electronic commerce, you may find them very useful.
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In fact, Halo has created styles purely to style sub-components or states of a component, since you have no access to the states. For instance, to access the sub-component of Accordion you have headerStyleName, or dropDownStyleName on ComboBox. The advanced CSS features in Spark eliminate the need to use these types of styles. Take a look at a Spark style that gives you more fine-tuning and allows you to access the over state of the button component (see Figure 6-2).
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The predicate in this query will also return the 3,000 rows we want, but only because we have ensured that the values 4, 5, and 6 are the only values that can be found in the range. (I hope there s a constraint making sure that that s true.) But Oracle predicts a cardinality of 735 (and 4,333 for the column that uses 13 as the adjustments period). What does the formula say when we have open values (no equality at the ends): num_rows * ( (our_high - our_low) / (table_high - table_low) ) This means we should see a cardinality of (14,000 * 4 / 98) = 531, not 735. What we are seeing is a special case (with a built-in bug of its own), which I can summarize in Table 6-3. By running a loop that checks every viable 3-period query against our funny column, I can generate this table, showing the predicted cardinality and the difference between the current row and the previous row in the table for corresponding pairs of predicates. (This is from a test the figures from 8i are slightly different due to the usual rounding issues.)
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In this example, you ll code a query that uses the basic syntax just shown. You want to do the following: Select all the orders that have been handled by employee 5. Select the orders shipped to either France or Brazil. Display only OrderID, EmployeeID, CustomerID, OrderDate, and ShipCountry. Sort the orders by the destination country and the date the order was placed. Does this sound complicated Give it a try. Open a New Query window in SSMSE. Enter the following query and click Execute. You should see the results shown in Figure 5-5. select orderid,employeeid,customerid,orderdate,shipcountry from orders where employeeid = 5 and shipcountry in ('Brazil', 'France') order by shipcountry asc,orderdate asc
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Safer PHP Code
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CHAPTER 6: Mass Deployment
Download at
server to generate overall statistics on package usage. This information helps Ubuntu developers prioritize which packages to work on based on popularity. The statistics are available at
Table 10-2. Histograms Helping Join Cardinality
dedicated write-blocking device, or write blocker, to stop data from being written to the drive. These devices allow the system to communicate to a drive, but will stop any data from actually being written to it. When your USB, SATA, eSATA, or other type of drive is plugged into the write blocker, you will be presented with a read-only volume. Some good write blockers can be found at Digital Intelligence s website. WeibeTech also makes a good USB device for write blocking on the Mac. If forensics is not something you plan to do often and purchasing multiple write blockers to accommodate the various drives seems cost prohibitive, there is another route you can go with software. BlackBag Technologies and Faronics both make products that do this. BlackBag s SoftBlock is write-blocking software for the Mac that provides GUI control over the mounting and management of devices at the kernel level of Mac OS X. When you plug a device into your computer, SoftBlock identifies them, and then allows you to select whether to mount it as read-only or read-write. It gives you control over how each hard drive mounts. Faronics DeviceFilter is similar in concept, except all devices are controlled from one central management console. Both are built on the same concept.
efficient ways of transferring data from the server to the client.
Figure 4-4. Styles available with the Bluemarine theme
The ExecuteCode property defines a code procedure that gets executed when the CodeActivity node is encountered in the workflow. You can code up a procedure yourself and add its name to this property, or you can have the IDE generate one for you. To do this, make sure that the ExecuteCode property is highlighted (as in Figure 9-5) and select the Generate Handlers link (which can also be seen in Figure 9-5). Pick a name for the function and place the name of this function in the ExecuteCode property. The IDE will then generate the code for you. If you select the name codeActivity1_ExecuteCode as the event handler, the code will look like this:
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